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Feb 25, 2011 11:13 AM

3Bs Restaurant Lakehurst NJ

New place in Ocean County where good eateries are welcomed !
3B's has a menue the ranges from Sushi to pizza to Pot roast to Filet Mignon ..The interior is tastfully done with ample bar area and a large dinning room .The drinks and food are reasonably priced to meet with the senior community demographic that surport this venture .Most of the food choices are worth the money .The bar and wait staff are well trained and do a good job .
Has anybody else eaten there .What are your thoughts ?

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  1. Haven't been there, but have watched it going up these many, many months. Glad to see it finally opened, and I saw a few favorable comments on yelp.

    Generally, I think I'm suspicious of a place that wants to do everything from sushi to pizza to "traditional pot roast, hearty pasta dishes, vegetarian friendly alternatives, open face sandwiches, Kobe beef burgers, & lots more" as their website says.

    Interesting to note from their "about us" web-page that this is the Boemio family who are owners / involved in other area restaurants: Atillios, Villa Almafi in Toms River, Sawmill Café in Seaside Park, and Bogart’s in Eatontown.

    Three B's Bar & Bistro - at the corner of Lake St and Rt 70 in Lakehurst

    Three B's Bar & Bistro
    307 Lake Street, Lakehurst, NJ 08733

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      They also have big competition from a Lakehurst staple Luigi's Italian restaurant pizzeria & Bar around the corner ...and just down the road on Rt 37 the Fortune Chinese buffet that has all the Sushi you can eat included also. Time will tell how they will do.

      Fortune Chinese Restaurant
      352 Palisade Ave Ste A, Jersey City, NJ 07307

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        It looks like the owner(s) know the restaurant world ,but I have been in the place about 5 times and the owner(s) have been invisable .The one big dissapointment has been the meat loaf .It is a real lightwieght and misses the mark completely .Luigi's has it's steady crowd and should not impact on 3Bs.
        Time will tell ,but my guess is that it will make it because the area really needs this type of joint ..

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          They also have to compete down the block with the great cheap specials for the Seniors and Navy Base workers at the Lakehurst diner too which is packed most times I've been there..

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