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Feb 25, 2011 10:53 AM

How long is this eggnog good for?

I made 3 half gal a week before Thanksgiving in 2008. I drank 1 btl on Christmas 2008, I opened the second on Thanksgiving of 2009 thru Christmas 2009 and it was great. It's now Christmas 2010 and I'm contemplating the 3rd bottle. I think it should be good to drink. Any expert ideas?

This is Jonathan Hunts recipe its under recipes

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  1. Only your palate will know for sure. If your seond bottle was good a year later, it's quite possible your last bottle will still be. You obviously have employed a good storage technique.
    Good luck. Eggnog never lasts pass the holiday season in my house.

    "Jonathan Hunts recipe its under recipes" under Chow recipes?

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      Sounds like good Maryland eggnog - boozy, not a dessert, and minimal spicing... Yes, it keeps a LONG time (if you don't drink it) because nothing can survive in the alcohol!

      1. re: hymncat

        Thanks everyone, I'll open this 4 year old nog and let ya all know how it was!
        I was hoping to get 1 more opinion on this besides mine.
        Merry Christmas!