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Feb 25, 2011 10:12 AM

Jazz restaurant in KC?

I will be traveling to KC with two 14 year old Jazz hounds from Minneapolis. MN (they will be in a soccer tournament) we would like to find a good KC jazz club with dinner that the boys could feel comfortable in. We would like to here KC Jazz and eat KC BBQ. In Minneapolis I would go to something like The Times, Dakota, Artist's Quarter or O'Gara's. What would someone recommend for KC. Thanks all in advance for your suggestions.


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  1. Not really a restaurant but down at the 18th and Vine district, next to, and I think a part of the American Jazz Museum, is the Blue Room which has live jazz on weekends. Not really any restaurants close by, I believe there was a soul food restaurant but it may have closed, but the location is close to a number of good restaurants downtown and in the crossroads district.

    1. - this is downtown, I've never eaten here, just gone for music. - near the Plaza, again I've only gone for the music. - check the calendar for when you are here. They have free live music and just okay cajun food. I think it would be fun for kids.
      OK Joe's is great, but I'd call in for a togo order to avoid the terrible lines, 47th St. location is near mid town:
      Or try any Gate's or Arthur Bryant's location.

      1. Arthur Bryant's BBQ, on Brooklyn between 17th & 18th, is only about 6 blocks from the Am Jazz Museum. It's not the best BBQ in KC but it's good and it's the most famous. Don't bother going to one of the new locations; the whole point is the history and tradition of the original location.

        If the Jazz hounds also like live Blues, there's BB's Lawnside BBQ on 85th, just past Troost. (That's on the MO side.)‎

        If the soccer tournament is in Johnson County on the Kansas side (Overland Park, Olathe, etc), you might want to try Oklahoma Joe's branch at 119th & Strang Line Rd by the Tractor Supply. It's not an old gas station, but the food's just as good. No Jazz though.

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          Thanks all for the good advice we will be at a hotel near the soccer fields
          The Border Battle 2011
          Overland Park Soccer Complex
          Heritage Soccer Park
          We will be able to find good BBQ OK Joe's
          Jazz Kitchen looks great for kids and the music starts as does. The Phoenix also looks great for Jazz. Jardines looks a bit high end but it ilooks simaler to the Dakota which We have here in Minneapolis. Thanks all!

          Jardine's Restaurant
          4536 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64111