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Feb 25, 2011 08:37 AM

Best entrees at Crest Hollow Country Club?

We will be getting married at Crest Hollow Country Club this Spring -- has anyone tried their in-house-catering salmon or tilapia entree? If so, how were they? We went to a simcha there recently and ordered the beef and chicken entrees and were not very impressed. The beef was kind of hard to chew and overcooked (I ordered it medium, but it had absolutely no pink color), and the chicken was kind "eh." If I was hungry I'd definitely eat either of them, but they were not up to the standard I was expecting from a fancy shmancy wedding hall. Also, if you remember any shmorg dishes that were particularly good or bad, please let me know. We've already made our selections, but they were not based on a taste testing (which they basically said wasn't an option).

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  1. i was at a wedding in november, everything there is unedible, i wouldn't even take an entree, it looked disgusting, i heard they use frozen meals and either microwave it or warm it up. try not too use this caterer and bring in someone else.

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      Considering DCKosher has already picked Crest Hollow, I can't imagine that your comment is helpful. I have been to several weddings there recently and found the food to be good, if you make the right selections. I don't remember what I ate last time though to be any help whatsoever.

    2. Honestly, I've been there a bunch of times over the years, and while I don't remember any particular entrees that I've ordered, I've found that the quality really varies. My sense has been that this is very much a place where you get what you pay for, since I found the food much better at weddings for which I estimated the family was better able to afford fancier stuff.

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        Just wanted to provide an update. We were very very pleasantly surprised after our very mediocre experience back in February. We paid the standard ~$62/pp and the entrees were outstanding. The beef I ordered was moist and not overcooked at all, and delicious. Definitely on par with what you'd expect from a very nice restaurant. My husband ordered salmon, and it was also excellent. We had the talipia and chicken in the yichud room, also delicious. Cooked and seasoned to perfection. We didn't get a chance to eat from the shmorg, but got reports from food-picky people that they were impressed. We came to the conclusion that the food we were served in February was reheated from a previous event (and I hope they got a really good deal on it).

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        1. We're having our wedding at Crest Hollow and are opting to have it set out as a buffet instead of served. I know some people think it's the dreaded t-word (tacky!) but it has worked out a lot better at the weddings I've gone to. This is especially applicable for vegetarians (like me) since their vegetarian entree isn't much to write home about (a pile of plain rice and slices of plain cooked vegetables).

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            The most enjoyable weddings that I have gone to (food wise) were the ones who had buffet style so don't worry about the "tackiness" - enjoy and mazel tov!

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              Lol. I'm lucky that he's the last of his siblings and cousins to get married and our families have very different ideas about weddings based on our respective cultures. In the end, we get to create what we want and it's a new experience for everyone.

              I put in the t-word disclaimer because it has been my experience that some crowds demand that everything be as "fancy" as possible. Otherwise, the whole thing is simply tacky and a clear sign the actual marriage will be a failure. I realize this is slightly off-topic but people get told all sorts of loony things and are put under a lot of pressure when planning weddings so I hop up on my soapbox semi-regularly.

              Long story short...Crest Hollow can be pretty flexible in how they set up the buffet and what they include and then people can eat what they want.