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Feb 25, 2011 07:40 AM

Lacey's Almond/Chocolate Cookies - Where?

Regard this as an all-points-bulletin search for Lacey's almond and dark chocolate crisp toffee wafer cookies. I wasn't a cookie guy until a few months ago, when I first tasted one of these things. Mama, they're good! For a month or two, I could find them at my local Costco, near Wilson Ave. and Dufferin St. Then, they disappeared. Costco has a way of doing that to me: licorice pipes, gone; San Pellegrino Limonata, gone; and now, Lacey's wonderful almond/chocolate cookies, gone without a trace. If anyone can advise on where else in and around Toronto these may be found, y'r obedient servant would be eternally grateful. (I think they're made in California.)

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  1. It has been several weeks since I posted the above - about my desperate search for Lacey's chocolate-almond cookies - and, despite my admirable patience, not a peep have I heard from the knowledgeable noshers on this board. Now, c'mon, it has been several months since my last sublime taste of this wonderful confection and I'm gettin' twitchy. Surely someone knows something. Surely there's an outlet somewhere within the GTA, some obscure retail joint with a secret cache of Lacey's cookies. It's not nice to keep such information to yourself. All you have to do is tell me where and you'll feel better for making a clean breast of it. Else you'll force me to drive or fly to the nearest Trader Joe's market in the U.S., where I understand Lacey's are proudly displayed.

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    1. re: juno

      Hey Juno,

      These cookies/wafers that you're looking for are seasonal when it comes to Costco. I.E. You will only find them around Christmas. Although I went to my local Costco yesterday and they had already started putting up their Christmas stuff. Since I am very much into Christmas, I started looking at their Christmas stuff, and to my surprise I found these cookies again. They are back and rather early this time around.

      So try your local Costco. I stocked up on 4 boxes.

      1. re: Sampimpinthug

        I'm much obliged to the informant above. In my local Costco a week or two ago, I didn't see the Lacey's product anywhere - though perhaps I didn't do a diligent enough survey of the huge premises. Costco has a habit to moving items from where I'm used to finding them to where I can't find them without a bloodhound. I'm not much into Christmas, but I'm definitely into those Lacey's cookies, so next time I go to Costco I'll seek out the Christmas department and see what prizes I can come up with. I owe you one, Sampimpinthug.

        1. re: juno

          Hi Juno:

          Hopefully you will be able to find Lacey's at Costco now as they prepare for the holiday season, but just in case, I do believe you can order them online at: They are more expensive there than the ones at Costco, but if all else fails, it could be worth it :)

          1. re: francina13

            Hey Fraincina13,

   was the first place I looked but unfortunately they only ship to the states. So Juno hopefully you found it in your local costco...

            1. re: Sampimpinthug

              Well that sucks :( I guess I should have looked at Thanks for mentioning it. :)

              1. re: francina13

                My heart was going pitter-patter when I pulled into the parking lot of my local Costco at Wilson and Dufferin yesterday, joyfully convinced that I was about to lay in a stock of Lacey's wonderful almond-chocolate cookies. But they were nowhere to be seen. Nothing. Not in the cookie/cracker section, nor the bakery, nor the special holiday goods section, nor even the candy section. I searched up and down, knowing that Costco tends to diabolically stash some seasonal products in the most unlikely places. Again, nothing. The prize eludes me. Wary as I am to schlep across the city through Toronto's miserable traffic to yet another Costco, I'll make an exception for the Lacey's. If, indeed, someone will cough up the location of the Costco warehouse that presumably stocks them, as well as where in that vast warehouse they are hiding them.

                1. re: juno

                  They are in the Xmas chocolates aisle at Ajax. As of today.

                  1. re: jayt90

                    Hey Juno,

                    I would go get them ASAP if I were you. They sell like hot cupcakes, they are pretty much the first thing to go in the Christmas isle. I went to my local Costco one week after I initially purchased those cookies, and they were gone. I am pretty sure they sell out the same day. Good luck! Keep us posted.

                    1. re: Sampimpinthug

                      I'm much obliged for the advice above. But to drive to Ajax for Lacey's marvellous cookies! That's more than I'm prepared to put myself out, especially since the supply might have been bought up by the time I've negotiated the perpetually-clogged Highway 401 from Toronto. There is only so far a prudent cookie-fancier should allow his lust for Lacey's almond-chocolate cookies to drive him. But given that those cookies are a Christmas specialty at Costco, and Christmas is still three months away, I will trust my local Costco to come up with a new supply sometime within the next two months or so. I'll drop in to my local Costco at Wilson and Dufferin every now and then, optimistically expecting ultimate satisfaction.

                      1. re: juno

                        You can pester the Downsview management by phoning them. The number should be on any of your bills. They will look up Lacey and tell you when it is expected, or where else you can get it.

    2. juno, you'll be pleased to know that our local Costco at Wilson/Dufferin has 500 units of Lacey's almond and dark chocolate cookies in stock. I just bought a few packages today to freeze. They are NOT in the Christmas aisle. They are in the specialty cookie aisle -- it's the first aisle after (or before, depending on the direction you're going) the frozen and refrigerated aisles. They are near the end of the aisle closest to the veggie stands.

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      1. re: TorontoJo

        Bingo! I'm eternally grateful to TorontoJo for not only tipping me off to the news that there's now a healthy stash of Lacey's astounding cookies at my local Costco, but also - most important - pinpointing so precisely their location in that vast emporium that even a directionally-challenged dork like myself could find them. Didn't need my GPS at all. I wasn't even aware there was such a thing as a specialty cookie section on those premises. Unless I get greedy, I think I'm now well supplied in the cookie department at least till the end of the year. It's $7.99 for a 25-ounce container, in case anyone else is interested.

        1. re: TorontoJo

          Back in stock at Costco Wilson/Dufferin.
          Same price, same size 25oz, 709g,
          Item # 174745.

          btw, Trader Joe's opens in Rochester, NY this Friday and is strongly rumoured for Buffalo in 2013.

          1. re: gregoryyyz

            Many thanks to gregoryyyz for the latest sighting of Lacey's superb almond- and- dark- chocolate cookies. I was just in that Costco last week seeking, among other things, those cookies, and couldn't see them anywhere. Not in the cookie section (next to the frozen goods), nor the bakery section, nor the specialty treats section, nor the confectionary (candy) section. But now, armed with the item number - thanks for that nice extra detail - I intend to track them down wherever they may be hiding in that vast emporium.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Hey Juno ... Not sure if your beloved Lacy's have again departed from Costco but I can still get them at Sue's Produce on Major MacKenzie between Bathurst and Yonge. You'll pay through the nose for them but for some things it's worth it. amazing store ... Worth the drive!

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            1. re: Jabber2

              Much obliged to Jabber2 for an eagle-eyed sighting of Lacey's marvellous cookies at an outlet other than Costco. Mind, I'm well supplied with the product for the nonce after a visit to my local Costco earlier this year. (Note: the price has bumped up to $8.49.) But it's always good to have a backup source of supply, given Costco's whimsical penchant for disappearing items I'm attracted to. A drive north up to Major MacKenzie is a major schlep from my humble abode in York Mills, but as Jabber2 has correctly observed, some hardships can't be avoided when you're in love. I'd be intrigued to learn, however, what else Sue's Produce has going for it (other than Lacey's cookies) that qualifies it as an "amazing store". Though a supply of Lacey's is good enough for me, I always like to justify such a longish safari with purchases of other hard-to-find quality products. So friends won't sneeringly ask: "What? You drove all the way to Major MacKenzie just for COOKIES?"

              1. re: juno

                They occasionally turn up at Winners / Homesense in the gourmet foods section.

                1. re: juno

                  Have note been to the Maj. Mack location, but years ago I frequented Sue's Bathurst - Chabad Gate location (still there?) in Thornhill from time to time. Some of the best produce I have ever seen/tasted. Also some of the most expensive...

                  1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

                    I don't believe Thornhill location exists anymore but same idea certainly pay a premium.

                  2. re: juno

                    Sue's is a small but well stocked market best known for it's hard to find gourmet products. They are probably best known for their bakery of fine breads and decadent cakes, pies, tarts, cookies, pasteries. The meat section has beautiful prepared meats like flat chicken, stuffed everything, marinated roasts and all the usual other meats (top quality). As well, the deli is outstanding with wonderful side dishes, salads, vegetables, and of course deli meats and cheeses. The produce is also top notch with a good supply of all your fruits and vegetables and for the gourmet cook, you can find all the fresh herbs you need in all seasons

                    I'm sure living where you are, halfway between uptown and downtown, you have access to some great little specialty markets like Sue's but if you are ever up here in Richmond Hill, drop in. Make sure you take time to take a stroll around the Mill Pond on Mill Street. Any other winter I'd suggest you lace up those skates and skate around the Millpond. There's good reason they call our neck of the woods the hidden jewel north of the city.