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Feb 25, 2011 07:23 AM

Happy Days Rivervale

We finally gave Happy Days. Was hoping it would be great, but was just ok. Perhaps we ordered wrong. My main complaint, they have a very varied menu, which I thought would be great, in the end all of the flavors were dumbed down, nothing popped. The only thing I enjoyed was the vinagrette on the complimentary salad. I had a soft shell crab over a lemony pasta sauce with artichoke, bland, my husband had the bang bang shrimp, which was super ketchupy and no evidence of spice, the kids shared a lobster ravioli with a vodka sauce, not bad, enjoyable, For the price I would have preferred to have gone to the Cheesecake Factory. A friend went and they had salmon, which they said was great. Perhaps for straightforward meal the dishes are good, but I really wish the chef would give up the dumbed down flavor to what they suspect suburbanites want mentality. I truly suspect that's what's going on here, and they just need to kick up the flavors and they'd have a good hit on their hands. Hope someone reads this from there.

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  1. Wow, wonder where they get the soft shell crab? Not in season until mid-May at the earliest... That's an ominous clue of forgettable quality.

    Ever tried Griffin's in Cresskill?

    P.S. Love your pussycat...

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      Thanks she is a cutie! I figured tit would be frozen, but wasn't super hungry thought it would be tolerable... Tell me more about Griffins.

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        One thing about Griffins, the food is good and imaginative, but the service stinks. Tryed it several times and was let down by the inattentive waitstaff and lack of serving know how. Granted its a pub grub type place, but dont bring out all my food at once. Dont let me have to chase you down for a check or beg for eye contact. The host was gracious as were the young runners, but the wait staff, they ruined it for me. we tryed.

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          I had a decent experience there once, we ate outside, they have a pleasant seating area. I recall having a surprisingly good very thick pork chop, prepared perfectly. I believe my SO got the Cioppino which was also pretty good. Had no problems with the service when I was there.

          It seems like a good, middle of the road place, something you were probably looking for when you went to Happy Days. It definitely beats Cheesecake Factory! (A glorified diner, IMHO). (But that's another thread!)

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