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Feb 25, 2011 06:55 AM

I know it's been discussed before, but... Ramen?

I saw some posts on here from a couple years ago about Ramen places in Austin. Seems like there aren't any aside from something that's not quite what I'm looking for at Musashino.

That said, any new developments? Anybody found any? And while I'm on the topic of homey type Japanese dishes, if anybody knows anywhere to get Japanese curry or Yakitori, do tell!

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  1. i haven't found it yet.
    when chinatown opened, i really hoped at least one restaurant would specialize in ramen.

    from my perusing of yelp (FWIW), i had bookmarked origami in RR a while back on my quest:

    1. Sushi Zushi, a San Antonio based franchise has opened up a couple of locations in Austin, and the have a fairly substantial yakitori menu, and even have some happy hour yakitori specials. They also have japanese curry, so it might be worth checking out.

      1. Banzai, on Lamar across from Central Market has some decent ramen. No char sui or kamaboko, but it works in a pinch. They also have shichimi togarashi, which I love to put on ramen.

        Central Market
        4001 N Lamar Blvd # 100, Austin, TX

        1. No decent ramen in this town that I know of, but the East Side King at the Grackle has yakitori. ESK is co-owned by Paul Qui, executive chef of Uchiko, so it's worth a visit.

          4200 North Lamar, Austin, TX 78756

          1. Yanagi on William Cannon has Ramen on the menu. Regular and Spicy.

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              Interesting... I'll look it up. I haven't heard of this place. Good? I mean, for things other than ramen. Typical sushi?

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                i'm far from a sushi conn, but Yanagi is pretty good. really liked the Bib bim bap (sp?),

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                  I haven't tried their ramen, but Yanagi's sushi is decent, and it's surprisingly reasonably priced.