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Feb 25, 2011 06:44 AM

Nathan's/Yonkers/Central Ave

Hadn't been to this place in years, but was passing by and I had a coupon so decided to indulge. This Nathan's seems a cut above the Mall places. I believe it's because this is a Corporate-owned location. The star of the place, however, is the homemade sauteed onions! They are on the help-yourself condiment bar, and are absolutely fantastic! Goes great with the hot dogs! Just the right seasonings, crunchy enough, and no liquid. Great!

I know this place goes back decades to the old Adventurer's Inn, they still have pinball machines and a kiddy play area...

But go for the onions!

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  1. You mean it's not Adventurer's Inn anymore? Jeez, I wonder if that is hurting the business at Mazels.

    1. aka dirty nate's for probably 30 years now, definitely a step up over mall, but without a coupon very pricy,.i also like their cheapo philly cheese steak on a hot dog bun, not really competition to a real one but tasty, and almost the same as their reg. one but about 1/2 price

      1. When we used to come up here to visit my aunt 40+ years ago (before we moved here), this was one of our favorite stops. When you first walked in, they had a huge deli counter with gigantic slabs of pastrami, corned beef, and brisket, along with giant salamis. They also had a bakery counter with gorgeous cakes. Back then, the best thing in the game room was the fortune-telling machine (just like the one in "Big.")

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          Yes, the deli counter. I'd forgotten. They had the best pastrami sandwiches. They also had great fried chicken. Different stations - deli, one for hot dogs and burgers etc. Alas it WAS much cleaner then. And that game room. It was a great place for a kid's party.

        2. Those onions are a relatively new thing, only a few years, if that. I didn't like them. I thought they were only partially cooked since they were still crunchy, and so had that stale raw onion taste that cut onions get after sitting for awhile. I only had them since my last visit about four or six months ago.

          I have to stop by Nathan's every now and then. Nostalgia I guess. I barely remember when it was Adventurers, there was also one in Cross County. I think they both were gone by 1978 when I got my drivers permit because I used to hang out at Nathans as a teen. Tuesday and Thursday night hot rod and motorcycle cruising on Central Ave., picking up girls, racing, and getting in fights where no one got seriously hurt, just a few thrown punches, no weapons. I still remember the amazing collection of muscle cars I had back then. Roadrunner, Challenger, Chevelle, 'Cuda convertable, tiny Vega with a 400cc engine.

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            The Adventurer's are one and the same. The Adventurer's near Cross County moved to the Central Avenue location - they actually were where the Thruway is now which is why they moved.

            1. re: wincountrygirl

              Nathan's are hit or miss. The better ones use a natural casing frank and prepare it on a hot griddle. Nathan's in Coney Island is great as are a few that I've been to; one in a crowded mall. They use the griddle, the dogs are natural casing and served hot. There is quick turnover as a lot are sold. The dogs are always fresh and good. Every bit as good as Coney Island but without the atmosphere.

              On the other hand, there are a lot of Nathan's that serve the skinless version and prepare it on one of those roller grills. There is a world of difference between these two methods. Most of the time the franks on the roller grill aren't served hot enough or are dried out from being on it too long. In addition to lacking the snap of a natural casing, these dogs do not have the char or flavor that a griddle imparts. Too bad because someone eating at one of these inferior franchises may think that all Nathan's are like this.

              Roller grills are for gas stations, movie theatres, and convenience stores. Not for a place claiming to serve a quality hot dog.

              1. re: hotdoglover

                In Yonkers the dogs are natural casing, big turnover, and flat steel grill. No need to trek to Coney Island. And those saute onions, ahhhhh....

          2. A while back ( 2008 ish) I had read that the Nathan's in Yonkers was being replaced by an office bldg that would have a Nathan's kiosk in its lobby. I asked a manager recently about this and he said that this was still happening. I don't understand why the current bldg is not landmarked.

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            1. re: chowdom

              2290 Central Avenue? I'm looking at preliminary plans for the building (local engineering firm) and the proposal calls for a 3500 sq ft Nathan's on the first floor with a drive up window. Along with a bank and "retail space" on that floor (three floor building total).

              No clue if this design will be revised or come to fruition or what but in this case it appeared to be more than a simple kiosk design. Whether that holds true if/when this happens is uncertain.