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Options for Lunch/Brunch in Middletown this Sunday - with kids

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Would very much appreciate any ideas. Four adults, two young kids. Downtown location preferred.


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  1. Middletown in which state????

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      Oops! Middletown CT :)

    2. Since our Middletown experts have not chipped in and your deadline looms, let me make a few suggestions. Luce has a pleasant atmosphere and something on the menu for everyone. Not sure what your young children would like but if they like Italian you could try Fiore II or First and Last. My favorite ethnic restaurants are not exactly upscale, so I will mention instead Typhoon or Thai Gardens for Thai, Puerto Vallarta for Mexican, or Mikado for Japanese.

      Thai Gardens
      300 Plaza Middlesex Ste 6, Middletown, CT 06457

      1. New England Emporium