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Feb 25, 2011 05:44 AM

Lunch on drive from FT Myers to Marco Island?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a cheap/dive/down-home place for lunch (like some place to get good tamales, a Cuban sandwich, or a surprisingly good hole-in-the-wall pizza joint) that's no more than a 10-mile detour from the drive down I-75 and state route 84 from Fort Myers airport to Marco Island. I'm headed to a "resort-style" wedding there and would like to show up a belly full of decent food.

We will be traveling on a Sunday in case that provides an additional constraint.

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  1. the only 84 i know is davis blvd..that doesnt take u to marco island..
    your probably coming down to 951 or collier blvd(exit 101) as its now called..that takes u straight down to marco island from I75

    as far as eating along 951...theres not much..
    there is a place called cracklin jacks that is on 951...about part way down from 75 on the left side..
    and there is a pizza place in the publix plaza at 951 and rattlesnake hammock thats not bad...
    then there isnt to much else till u start getting towards marco island
    and i dont know about tamales or a cuban sandwich on marco island

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    1. re: srsone

      I was just going off google maps' version of the roads; 951 is what I meant to put in there-- are there any good cheap places near there? I just tossed out tamales or a cuban as illustrations-- we'd eat whatever (greek, turkish, cambodian, bbq, korean, etc., etc.) if it's something distinctive & relatively cheap (say, $15 and under per person).

      1. re: redbarclay

        when u first get off 75 theres a waffle house and a cracker barrel a mcds and a taco bell...
        then u hit the cracklin jacks..then the publix plaza with the pizza place...
        then nothing till route 41 not much there either...then u dont have much until marco island.
        everything else would be closer to town ...which may be more of a drive than u mentioned

    2. I haven't tried it yet but Texas Tony's BBQ shack just opened at 4519 Tamiami Trl E, not far from 951. It's the creation of the owner of Pincher's Crab Shacks. They do seafood well, but not sure about their bbq. I would've recommended Inca's Kitchen, but it may be a bit more than you are willing to spend and it's closed on Sundays.

      Here's a link to a review of Texas Tony's by the highly respected Insatiable Appetite.


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      1. re: RevrendAndy

        Tried Texas Tony's. Good, not great.
        I would suggest Sweet Mama's as an interesting choice of well prepared Caribbean fare just a few blocks from Texas Tony's and 8 minutes from corner of 41 and 951.

        older review is here:

        1. re: Floridamycophile

          i just tried texas tonys this past weekend..i agree --good but not great..
          but we only tried the ribs and chopped pork sandwich...
          hopefully the brisket will be better...

      2. If you want to step out of your dive mentality, Bricktops at the Waterside(/) shops on 41 is excellent.

        Bricktop's Restaurant
        5555 Tamiami Trl N Ste 18, Naples, FL 34108