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Feb 25, 2011 05:38 AM

Weekend in Philly, need recommendations for two dinners, with child

We will be in Philadelphia for the flower show and I am looking for recommendations for two dinner spots (Friday and Saturday)

We are staying in the Rittenhouse neighborhood but don't mind taking a cab if necessary. We are open to trying anything.

Our son will be with us. He will eat anything and can easily sit for a two+ hour meal so we don't necessarily need a "family" place but we also don't want to go super high-end either. Our goal is to eat on the early side of the evening.

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      elementary school age, old enough to sit still and enjoy dinner.

    2. Kid Friendly in Center City/Rittenhouse Square thread may be helpful to you.

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      1. Broad request but if you don't mind traveling one of the less cramped Italian BYOBs would be a good place to enjoy a meal with the family. Hosteria de Elio in Queen Village and L'Angelo come to mind. At the latter, you can't easily hail a cab so you'd want to ask them to call one for you to get back to the hotel.

        The gastropubs are also fine places with kids if you eat on the early side. I like the Khyber, Royal Tavern and South Philly Taproom the best. If you can't get good Jewish deli where you're from, Famous 4th Street deli is good, casual, and fun.

        1. We are back after our weekend trip to Philly and I am reporting on our restaurant experiences.

          Early dinner at the Oyster House on Sansom (or is it Samson?) Street. Boy, this place has changed since our last visit a couple of years ago! It is down the street from our regular hotel so it has worked its way into our Philly habit.

          We had a three top at the window, which made for excellent people watching. We had grilled octopus (tasty) and oyster stew to start followed by 2 dozen oysters. By 6ish, the place was mobbed so we headed back to the hotel.

          Saturday brunch - We ate at the Contental Mid-Town. Our son got a kick out of the decor. I thought the restaurant was sort of dirty, like they didn't bother to clean up from the night before. The service was crazy rushed for no reason, the place was more than half empty at 11am. My turkey club was fine. My husband loved his smoked salmon hash.

          Late afternoon snacks (blah) at Engine 15 (I might have the name wrong) but the street view was fun and the beers were nice and cold.

          We visited Parc for dinner. I am very glad I made reservations as it was packed at 5:30pm, people were 4 and 5 deep at the bar. Overall we really enjoyed the experience. We found a nice wine on the list (nice enough to order a 2nd bottle!) and had escargot and a cheese plate for our appetizer. Our entrees were not anything to write about but the desserts were good and it was a fun evening. Our son was tickled with the sparklers birthday candle in my husband's dessert.