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Feb 25, 2011 05:22 AM

Help! Im trying to find a place in Philly to have a surprise 40th Birthday..

Im trying to find a club/bar that has a private room that i can throw a surprise party in. Im not doing any food just music and drinks. Im not having anymore than 75 people. I would prefer there be a dj included or i can hire one. I have a limited budget no more than 1500 for everything. Anyone have any ideas????? Please!

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  1. I went to a surprise party at Bridget Foy's on south street and it was great. I'm not sure what the cost was, but they had finger foods/apps and open bar. The whole 3rd floor (and I think maybe the 2nd too) is available to rent.

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      awesome let me look into that place. THANK YOU!

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        ok so Bridget Foy's is out of my budget. any other suggestions?....

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          Maybe Lucy's Hat Shop? I also attended a surprise party there and it was fun. The food was all brought in by the one throwing the party. Again, I have no idea what it cost, but it's a thought.

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      1. Have you considered paring down the number of guests? $1500 for 75 people works out to just $20/person and I'm not sure that drinks and a dj can be done for that amount.

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          Thank you everyone for all your suggestions. Im going to check out a few places tonight and make a decision.

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          1. I attended a surprise party at Ladder 15 in their upstairs space and they did minimal food, not sure about pricing, but would think it was not that expensive, although we know how wrong tht can be at times!