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Feb 25, 2011 05:15 AM

10oz cup, good size for coffee?

I'm putting together a dinnerware set and am wondering if a 10oz cup of coffee/tea is a decent all round size to have! Of course there are the mornings where you want a decent cup of coffee so I may need to pick up a couple 14oz mugs.
What does everyone else find the perfect size for them is?

I'm considering Pillivuyt Sancerre if anyone has some experience with that brand.

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  1. Really depends on how they measure. From my perspective 8oz plus wiggle room is ample, but it's a safe bet that a 10oz from 3 different lines will have differing capacities.

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      I have 10 oz coffee cups from Fiestaware and they are good, but sometimes I need two of them.

      We use a cone drip. If I made a pot of coffee everyday then 10 oz would be perfect.

      I think a lot of the charm of coffee cups is having lots of different sizes/designs.

      When I'm hurting in the morning, I definitely make meself a larger cup... but day to day the 10 is a good size.

    2. I have a set of 10-oz Pillivuyt cups and saucers (le vigne, no longer made) and LOVE them. Perfect size and great quality (I tk I prefer Pillivuyt to Apilco, although I have both) -- too large and the coffee cools down anyway.