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Epicure @ Sunny Isles

condor Feb 25, 2011 01:10 AM

Prior to leaving the South Florida area, a quick update on a lunch experience.

As we were in Sunny Isles at around 1pm, and my hunger pangs got the better of me, I was tempted by what I had already seen on previous visits to the provisions store, a new cafe at Epicure & their 1/2lb hamburger for almost $ 17.

After 30 minutes my blue cheese hamburger arrived with the bacon that I had asked NOT to have, so it was back to the kitchen again.

Another 5 minutes, and you guessed it, same burger arrived with bacon removed. Now the chips were cold, and the burger was cold.

I politely told the lady at the large inviting desk with the customer service sign that this was not what I expect at Epicure.

Imagine my surprise when she responded with a 'well we contract out the catering, so it's not really Epicure providing the service'. Sorry but in the UK we call that 'BS'. No real apology ! I told Jose the alleged Manager ... also a 'lip service' apology.

Finally, after 45 minutes .. my requested burger was served. 'Hot' .. yes, but just about worth $7 let alone $ 17 & not very tasty ...

"Epicure .. an expensive disappointment"