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Feb 24, 2011 10:18 PM

Where can I find Rugelach or Babka in Calgary?! Mail order?

Craving Jewish treats so bad! Anyone have any leads on where I get my paws on some rugelach or babka?!? Or even a place that might ship? All my beloved New York institutions like Zabar's don't ship to Canada : (

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  1. I don't know if you would be able to find it locally here in Calgary as I haven't come across them yet.

    You could try contacting Solly's Bagel in Vancouver. According to their website they do shipping but I don't know if they will ship to AB.

    Also, there is another place in Vancouver that makes rugelach. I had tried some at the Granville Island location. Their website doesn't say anything about shipping but you could contact them to see.

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      Sunterra makes Rugelach - not always available though - try the Westhills or Elbow Dr.
      as they have bakery and will be able to tell you if they are making -

      If you are craving Challah, Sunterra also has Braided Sweet Bread - (Elbow Drive) (I buy for friday nights)
      Canyon Meadows Bakery does a good job of Challah...

      There is a Market at Northland ; during the summer, a lady there sells a killer babka - (while what I think it is anyways) however, they are only around during the summer...

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        Solly's website makes it clear that they only deliver to the lower mainland. The vast majority of BC (geographically speaking) is screwed, never mind Alberta. They don't even ship to Victoria.

        If there is any way to contact the folks who ran Margarita's Dishes at CFM they'd be an excellent resource for this sort of thing.

        Also please note comments below. :-)

      2. There is a kosher bakery inside of the Carriage House Inn. You can call the front desk and ask to place an order with the bakery. On Thursdays and Fridays (I think) they wheel out all the baking into the front hall. It sells out fast!! They have kosher cinnamon buns and scones, challah, bagels and all kinds of cookies that are completely parve.
        They also have the Rugelach and Knishes (potato or mushroom) for sure, because I've ordered them! No Babka though :( if you find Babka you gotta let me know where!

        1. You should call Polcan Meat or Heritage Bakery and Deli.

          1. Try Barel's Bakery and Nosh in Oak Bay Plaza, off 90th Avenue in the SW. Wonderful, family-run little kosher bakery!

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              I don't think Barels is there anymore - better double check... I think a seafood establishment took over the space...

              1. re: caseygirl

                I went on a rugelach hunt the other day. Barel's is gone. The Carriage House version was bleech and no luck on mail order. I'm a sad, hungry, kosher deprived panda :( .......

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                  have a chance to try Sunterra ?- agreed on Carriage House... only get their challah and challah buns.. the rest I'd pass on.

            2. I'm a former NDG girl and have been missing knishes - I'd all but given up on their being a bakery in Calgary anymore - but I did a little digging today and found Haifa Deli on Palliser Drive. Had you not posted your query I wouldn't have known they existed. Looks promising: