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Feb 24, 2011 05:30 PM

Barbuzzo Review

At the heart of Barbuzzo is a blistering wood burning oven where temperatures soar and pizzas sizzle. Barbuzzo's cuisine is deeply rooted in modern Mediterranean flavors that take inspiration from Italy and Spain.

Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran own the block, literally. Walking down 13th St between Chestnut and Sansom your eye catches seven separate shops/restaurants, and guess what? They are all owned by the same two people who also reside on the block. That is crazy!

Walking into the casual dining room the open kitchen hangs on your side and provides you with a well orchestrated show for entertainment. Watching talented cooks in action, for me, is better than any other Broadway Show I have seen.

What comes out of the wood burning oven is nothing short of spectacular. The pizzas are incredible, the crust is doughy, crisp, and light. The Margherita pizza utilizes tomatoes with the perfect amount of acidity that balance out the rich homemade Fior Di Latte. Basil, plucked straight from the garden, rounds out the best pizza I have had to date.

Margherita : San Marzanos, House Stretched Fior Di Latte, Basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A second pizza was equally as ambrosial. The guanicale, cured pork jowl, added an appreciated depth of porky flavor that complemented the earthy notes from the truffle and brussel sprout leaves. Does putting a runny egg on anything ever fail to delight? I don't think so...

Uovo Pizza : Brussel Leaves, Guanicale, Caciocavallo, House Stretched Fior Di Latte, Truffle, and Farm Egg

Orcchiette were surprisingly over-cooked and mushrooms had an off-putting stringy texture. However the house-made ricotta cheese was delicious, the texture and flavor were just right.

Orcchiette with Olive Oil, Wood Fired Hen of The Woods, Wild Arugula, Preserved Lemon-Walnut Pesto, and Ricotta

Barbuzzo delivers on so many levels - price, food, atmosphere, etc. My big complaint about my meal at Barbuzzo is that I did not get to try "The Caramel Budino"!!! It has received so much acclaim, and just sounds so tasty. Why couldn't I convince my dining companions to get dessert?

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  1. Great review although I personally prefer the pizzas at Zavino next door because the crust is less rubbery. Barbuzzo does have a great charcuterie place, the owners are very involved and present, and you can even sometimes pick up budinos to go next door at Verde which I would recommend because they are indeed very good!

    1. Tried Barbuzzo a couple of weeks ago and it was wonderful, tight seats but otherwise a great place. Last weekend tried Bindi which was equally as good, awful server but otherwise a wonderful experience. Close seating there too but not quite as tight, now I can't wait to try Lolita...

      1. I got to try the antipasto plate at lunch the other day, and it was a perfect lunch. While not vegetarian, there's nothing I love more than well done vegetables and cheese, and this was perfect.

        1. tried barbuzzo for dinner a few weeks back and was not entirely convinced. they're using very high quality ingredients, but often just miss the mark on lovely combinations. one such example is the burrata that's subtlety is drowned out by the lovely saba the stunningly fresh candied hazelnuts.

          they were fine enough with a single diner, but their need to squish people in is to the detriment of them. i do somewhat suspect they don't care for single diners, since i emailed them about my experience of having my cutlery rattled several times by their staff and my seat legs kicked a dozen times.... with no response. i strongly suggested removing one seat from the bar to give each more space. i'm not tempted to go back alone.