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drinks in Atlantic City - Borgata

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Hi, we are staying at the Borgata soon and having dinner at Bobby Flays restaurant. Any suggestions for where to go for drinks before dinner?? Thanks!

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  1. The Gypsy Bar right in the Borgata isn't bad...some good margaritas and tequila selection, if you're into that, and often live music too. I usually hang out there before concerts at the Borgata

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      I'll second the Gypsy Bar. Cool place to hang out and a nice tequila selection. I went there after a Kings of Leon show and the band actually stopped by for a few. Have fun!

    2. Are you married to Bobby Flay's? I ate there once and it was not good, and very expensive. I've heard similar from others. The other steakhouse in the Borgata is supposed to be much better.

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        The Old Homestead is indeed a much better steakhouse.