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Looking for a venue for small wedding ceremony/reception :: 60 people


From NY, looking to have a small wedding of 60 people join us in Montreal MAY/JUNE 2012

Looking for a ceremony location and cocktail reception location.. Would like to after the cocktail hour like to have a plated sitdown dinner.

Like very simple yet elegant design. I invision candles, gold, silver, very neutral colors with maybe a pop of bright flowers randomly placed.

Have a budget of about 80 a person.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Really want a nice atmosphere for my guests to feel warm and loved in as we honor our committment


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  1. Pointe a Calliere Museum has a restaurant that sounds like it would fit the bill perfectly - and for the budget, is probably do-able, depending on the menu you choose. You could hold the ceremony in the downstairs lobby space, and move upstairs for the reception/dinner.
    Another option that might be fun is Le Lion D'Or, which is attached to Au Petit Extra, and is a great space for weddings.

    1. Try browsing through this - should give you a number of options in Old Montreal depending on the atmosphere you want and venue size


      1. I organized such an event last year, about the same number, and $80 per person won't do it, not with alcohol. You can make it for $100 per person. Daylight Factory (old montreal), you can have the cocktail and ceremony outiside (partly covered for ceremony if it rains, and the sit down dinner inside. Also, check out Pointe-a-calliere , it was getting to expensive for me, and they force a bunch of fees on you, but nice restaurant with a view, and you get to have the cocktail in the hall of the museum.

        The restaurant du vieux Port would probably be in that price range as well, but very meat heavy menu, and no outside terasse.

        Lion d'or is nice, but would be over budget, and no outside patio (I keep mentionning outside, it was important for me being summer, but you might not care for it).

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          thanks sweetooth!

          I have put a call into Daylight factory it seems promising. Do you have any picutres you could possibly share? Do you think because I am not going to be there we should hire a wedding planner? It really isnt in my budget as i spoke to one this morning and she charged a flat rate of 7 thousand, more than i want the reception to cost, ha!

          The patio is important to me. Another option was do a happy hour cocktail at Newtown and Dinner at Decca77, but then the guests would have to walk? That is kinda awkward plus I need a place to hold a ceremony as I cannot get married in a church there due to not being a parishioner.

          Thanks for your help, all!

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            Well, it's obviously your call, and it depends on the kind of wedding you want, but for 60 people, I don't think you need one. Daylight Factory has everything there (chairs, tables, indoors and out, and all kitchen stuff). The only thing is you won't be able to go in person check it out and discuss layout. But you could do that the day before, depending when they get it. They were very accomodating, didn't need to know all the details months in advance.

            Their website has some nice pictures (http://www.daylightfactory.ca/en.html). What's nice with them is you can do everything in one place, no walking, and on Saturday nights, they are only opened for events, so you don't need to share the restaurant, the place is your.

            Yes, Newton and Decca is a maybe 10 mins walk

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              I would suggest finding somewhere where you can have both the ceremony and reception since it makes planning so much easier (especially if you are doing most of the arrangements remotely). It also makes it easier for your guests, especially if they're not local and may not have convenient transportation.

              I would not recommend Decca77 as a wedding event venue. It's more somewhere people would have business dinners and recent reviews have been pretty terrible.

          2. I know Bice on Sherbrooke (near Guy) has done wedding ceremonies and receptions/dinner well, using outdoor terrace and private dining room areas, but you would have to check if they can do within your price range

            photos: http://www.bicemontreal.com/il-gardin...

            1. I had my wedding (both ceremony and reception) at Auberge St-Gabriel in Old Montreal. They were fabulous to work with for the planning, had lots of menu options and flexibility, and it's a beautiful old building with lots of atmosphere.

              We had comments from several people that it was the best food they'd ever had at a wedding and we were super happy with it ourselves. We had the cocktail-dinatoire, rather than a sit-down meal, but based on the food we had, I would expect the plated banquet meals to be delicious too.

              edited to add: If I recall correctly, I think our final food costs were about $65/person, including beverages. Obviously, I expect for a sit-down meal it would cost more and people will tend to drink more alcohol at an evening reception with sitdown meal than at an afternoon reception like we had. Also, the prices will certainly have gone up since 2007. That said, I think there should be something close to your budget since I remember the prices being very reasonable in comparison to other venues we considered (especially considering how much better the food was than what you get at most wedding banquet places).

              Auberge St-Gabriel
              426 Rue Saint-Gabriel, Montreal, QC H2Y2Z9, CA

              1. my brother had his wedding reception at the intercontinental hotel in old montreal (near toque). we were about 80-100 people, and im sure they would accomodate to the amount of people in your reception. food was excellent, plus it's a hotel so out-of-towners don't have to drive anywhere after the reception.

                1. does your $80 include alcohol??

                  I am getting married July 9th and having about 70 people. I am however having the ceremony at a church. I wanted a cocktail dinatoire reception - full meal, but not a sit down service. More of a happy hour party type feel. However every place I looked at could accomadate both types.

                  I looked at the following places (with my opinion)

                  Daylight Factory: this was my Favourite space. Absolutely beautiful. Exactly the feel I wanted. Open, mingling large bar area mezzanine overlooking another area, Beautiful terrasse. And they showed me pictures of wedding recpetions held there - beautiful.
                  Why I didn't pick it - didn't think the food was up to par. I still have 2 sampe menus they sent me and I wasn't overly impressed. Could send them to you if interested. I didn't want couscous or wraps appearing anywhere on my menu. Now I know they could have worked with me a bit, but I did go there to eat with my MOH and didn't think they'd be able to do the type of food I was looking for. 2nd reason - bar was a bit expensive. Drinks were charged at a per drink price and you just cap the open bar at a certain amount. We have big drinkers so I would have rather had a set price per head for open bar.

                  Le Local - amazing sounding food. Before I went to see it I was in LOVE with the menu options. Didn't go with it mostly because the room had too much of a reception feel for me. And the entrance and down to the bathroom wasn't very nice (through the restaurant). Very small bar so not really a mingling set up. Also the most expensive

                  Cluny Art Bar - loved the pictures!!! Half the space was perfect, but the food service area had too much of a cafeteria feel for me. Would have been ok for a cocktail hour between a ceremony and a reception at a different venue. http://www.fonderiedarling.org/louer_...

                  Pullman Wine Bar - prices were great, had 2 different rooms so mingling was expected. Food sounded interesting.... thought it would be too small. 60 would fit, but close to max cap. and no sit down http://pullman-mtl.com/

                  Apollo Bistro - where we're having it!!!!! I'm sure they could do a ceremony if you spoke with them. Apollo was and still is a catering company for 10 years. About 5 years ago they opened a byow and about 2 years ago they opened the bistro... it got 10s across the board from us. Very modern white interior, huge bar and some banquettes to create different spaces. Food is amazing - but more a tapas/small plate type - but they have a LOT of wedding experience, so can pretty much do anything. Charged a flat rate per hour of open bar. Have GREAT wines for the prices. so space, food, and the guy, Olivier who we dealt with all got top marks.
                  (also tables are made with recycled car hoods and everything else from other recycled materials, so there's an ethical aspect....

                  but facebook has better pictures

                  Good luck!!

                  there's a few places that were recommended to me that I didn;t go see after I fell in love with Apollo.. Names are escaping me at the moment - when I remember them I'll write more

                  257 Rue Prince, Montreal, QC H3C2N4, CA

                  Le Local
                  740 rue William, Montréal, QC H3C 1P1, CA

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                    Thanks for suggesting Apollo Bistro... Could you tell me how much your spending per guest + is alcohol included? I had my heart set on the Lion d'Or but just had a mediocre dinner experience at Au Petit Extra (they cater the event); now I'm frantically looking for 80-100 people...

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                      Sorry I took so long to reply, haven't been on much.
                      ok - hope its not too late
                      $71/head = 10 canapes/person, 3 stations, plus a cake and selection of macarons and little verrines (tiramisu, fruit etc.) later in the night
                      $42/head = four hours of open bar (I wanted grey goose vodka so this was a hybrid between basic and premium bar) each additional hour is $10/head.
                      Wine is extra, but they have some very good wines for their prices, so about $30/bottle and $38 for mousseux.
                      Service added on top at 15% but no rental fees or anything else

                  2. I did a 60th birthday last August at the Terrasse of Suite 701 in the Place d'Armes hotel. The terrasse was a private space reserved just for our group of about 60 people and the views of Old Montreal from the rooftop were beautiful. Since we did the event in July, there were the LaRonde fireworks at around 10pm so we had a really great view of them. There was a private bar and bartender just for our space and there were nice white couches and comfy chairs for people to sit. We did a cocktail dinatoire and, if memory serves, I think it ended up costing about $80ish per person. (It is charged per dozen canapes and not per head). I can dig out the pics, if the space interests you.

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                      Yes! If you have pictures that would be great. This is one of my places I am interested in, howver for the dinner I don't want to move into the hotel - we will see...! Thanks!

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                        Here are some pictures. The space is really beautiful and the food was really good too (I personally really liked the general tao chicken in cute little individual chinese boxes.)

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                          701 is lovely, but is it accessible to mobilty challenged people? I once was meeting someone there and ended up having to take a baby and a stroller with me. When I arrived, a waiter ran over and carried the stroller (minus baby) up what seemed like endless stairs. I am not sure whether they have an elevator that was not functioning that day or whether the space is not accessible except by stairs.

                          1. re: hala

                            We took an elevator that went up to the top floor, but then we did have to take stairs to get to the roof part. And I am not sure if they have an elevator that goes all the way up, though .... I guess if mobility is an issue for someone, I would recommend asking them directly.

                    2. I had my wedding in 2010 at the Auberge St Gabriel (www.lesaint-gabriel.com) and thought it was absolutely wonderful! We had our ceremony (officiated by my brother since we are not religious - a very good option in Quebec!) on the top floor of the Auberge (the oldest food/drink establishment in North America). This was followed by a reception in their lounge (great vibe, outdoor space, etc etc) followed by dinner in the main dining room. The cost for about 90 people came out to about $120pp including an open bar. We had a bit of a fancier dinner option than normal, but I remember the prices ranging from around $90-130pp including alcohol. I really highly recommend this place as an option! Plus, you're close to a lot of great hotels for the night and amazing brunch options for the next morning.

                      Another interesting option is a winery in Laval (about 30min north of Montreal). It has a bit more of a country-side feel to it but is another great option. Their link is http://www.chateautailleferlafon.ca/.

                      The best thing about the Auberge St Gabriel, though is the fact that they don't charge for the rental of the rooms at all, while everywhere else we checked out had some sort of charge. Feel free to message me if you'd like to see pictures, etc. of the day. We now live in Boston and have very fond memories of our time at the Auberge.


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                        hi there,
                        i would love to see pics of your wedding at auberge st gabriel. i tried contacting them via email a few days ago but haven't heard back. their site looks amazing and am curious to see the set-up for a reception.

                        1. re: madamelc

                          They have some pictures on their website under Receptions & Events > Banquet Rooms. I think it's prettier in person than in the photos.

                          We also had our ceremony in the room upstairs (I think it's the "Dulong" room) and our reception in the dining room downstairs... but they have several different private spaces for receptions.

                      2. i dont know if you can do the ceremony there or not- we only had our reception there but we were 72 ppl and it was perfect.
                        ours was at Chez Queux- it's a restaurant in old montreal and upstairs is a beautiful reception hall. doesnt look like your reg white reception hall. it's brick with oak panelling..it's lovely.


                        Chez Queux
                        158 St Paul E, Montreal, QC H2Y1G6, CA