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Feb 24, 2011 03:31 PM

Marcel's dress code?

Hello all. I made a post a few weeks ago about picking a restaurant when I have $250 to spend. I decided on Marcel's and have a reservation there this weekend. I was wondering about the dress code as I got one answer in the other thread. Jackets are required according to their website. I read this on the Washington Post's website

"Dress codes survive in the District, even in a recession, because diners understand that what you wear signifies who you are, says Robert Wiedmaier, the chef owner at Marcel's on Pennsylvania Avenue NW. "I don't turn people away if they don't have a tie on, but if you come without a suit and tie, you feel stupid.""

So it sounds like I should wear a suit and tie. What about my girlfriend? What do females typically wear there? Anyway thanks in advance for the advice. I can't wait to try Marcel's!

PS. Any recommendations for excellent dishes/desserts there are appreciated!

2401 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC 20037

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  1. I know you already heard from me on this, but I'll just reiterate--I was there two months ago, and from what I could see, I was the only guy in the dining room in a tie, much less a suit (I was wearing a sports coat and slacks). I'll be interested to hear if others have had different experiences.

    As for dishes, the boudin blanc, lamb in phyllo, and lobster pappardelle are standouts.

    Have fun!

    1. I don't think a suit is required, or a tie, but a jacket definitely is. Slacks and a sportcoat are fine. For women, I see a lot of pantsuits and "little black dresses".

      The menu changes too much to make specific recommendations, save the boudin blanc, which is always on the menu and always worth ordering.

      1. I've been to Marcel's in jeans and a sportscoat. No big deal.

        The thing with lots of DC restaurants, incl. Marcel's, is that they are generally catering to the expense account and K street crowd, which means the people that are eating there generally are already just dressed in suit and tie. But they're dressed in suit and tie not because of Marcel's, or any other dress code, but because that's what they are wearing to work.

        The de facto dress code at Marcel's is an unintended consequence of where their client base is coming from.