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Feb 24, 2011 03:30 PM

Takeout Italian/pizza in North End or near Harbor Towers

Any recommendations in this area? Any help is appreciated. I forgot to add great tasting is a requirement. Will order in advance if necessary.

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  1. In the North End, you can go to the Pizzeria Regina - make sure to order the pizza crispy. Another option is Ducali, although I am not sure if they do take out.

    1. If you do go with Regina's I'd advise looking at their menu online, and calling just as you leave the Towers. They are usually very busy and the place is small, so you might find yourself standing around outside for 20 minutes or so. I love their pizza - generally held to be #1 or 2 in Boston. No advice on their crispy crust, never tried it.

      1. Regina
        Waterfront Cafe
        Golden Goose

        Haven't tried it but at Rowes Wharf there is Pasta Beach.

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          Umbertos if you are looking at lunchtime... it is the sicilian square kind and is yummy! While you are there pick up some arancini or a panzarotti as well.

          Otherwise, I'll second the Regina. I absolutely love their pizza.

          If you are looking for a place with lots of different topping options, try Ernestos. I think my favorite is the eggplant and riccota. You can buy it by the slice.

        2. Galleria Umberto x 10. If it's at night: Haymarket. I went to Regina's recently; love the "atmosphere," but the pizza was pretty grim.

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            Haymarket for cheep but the quality kinda sucks.

            Blackstone St, Boston, MA

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              I always liked the Haymarket pizza although it may have been the novelty of bringing it into the old Pete's Pub (current Durty Nellies). Haven't done that in a few years. The Waterfront is generally my first choice, but I liked the pizza at Beneventos as well, just wish they had a larger bar with seats further away from the heat of the ovens.

              Pete's Pub
              108 Blackstone St, Boston, MA 02109

              Blackstone St, Boston, MA