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Feb 24, 2011 01:00 PM

How do you Okra?

Lately I've been sort of obsessed with using okra in new and unique ways.

Here's the damage so far:

- Okra bread (sub out the zucchini in your typical zucchini bread recipe and replace with okra)

- Okra cake (sub out the carrots in your typical carrot cake recipe and replace with okra)

- Okra ice cream (made with spearmint and honey)

- Okra gazpacho (not recommended for the faint of heart or palate)

How do you Okra? Or do you?

Do tell.

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  1. My favorite way is fried. Obviously, that's not a new or unique way, though :) 2nd favorite way is pickled. In fact, my 6 year old loves them pickled!

    I've had it on pizza & it's quite good. I don't remember the other combos. When I was in Malaysia, it was served in a yummy vegetariean dish. The pods were whole & since they had been stewed a bit, weren't slimy at all. And they were called lady fingers, a much prettier looking name, IMO.

    1. Fried or gumbo is pretty much it for me. I like to eat it pickled, but haven't ventured to pickle any myself. I adore the flavor, and am getting much more tolerant of its booger-like qualities, though I still prefer to stew it enough to let the goo leave the pods and thicken the broth. Anyway, gumbo is about as open-ended a dish as they come, with possibilities you could explore for an awfully long time, so if you like it you can easily work your way through a tremendous lot of okra right there.

      It just occurred to me that an item I often buy when I'm making gumbo is frozen okra with tomatoes, and I'm thinking that a soup or stew with just those two things (fresh, though, not frozen) plus some onion or whatever might be a nice dish.

      1. I love it & grow it myself, but use it pretty basically - gumbo, jambalaya, with stewed tomatoes, fried, & pickled. Good stuff!

        1. Favorite: tossed in cornmeal and fried. Love it pickled on a relish tray or with sandwiches. One of my grandmothers arranged small pods from her garden atop blackeyed peas and cooked the two together.

          I learned from Chef Susan Spicer (who learned it from Buster Holmes) to add a good splash of vinegar to stewing okra to diminish the slime factor for gumbo at a demo for Gumbo z'Herbes. I've used the method happily for years.

          1. Okra is my daughter's favorite vegetable (go figure) I also grow it every summer and freeze for later...I made a batch of gumbo this week as a matter of fact. Along with the usual gumbo, jambalaya, fried and stewed okra dishes, I like it made into fritters (my grandmother made these) and stuffed. I've never had them in cake or ice cream, do tell how those came out.