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Feb 24, 2011 12:56 PM

tasty recipes using frozen peas or frozen corn?


What are your favourite ways to use these veggies?

  1. Don't know that it's a recipe but I've always found stirring in a few frozen peas an excellent quick way to cool off foods for toddlers.

    Also not a recipe but my family likes a salad of pasta, tuna, frozen peas and mayo in the summer. You can add green onions and/or chopped seeded cucumber as well. I have a friend who make a similar thing with cubed ham, cashews and peas.

    1. peas or corn with Mayo - delicious!

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        1. Toss hot orecchiette with pesto and parm cheese. ( Use some of the hot pasta water to loosen if neccessary.) Sitr in lots of peas. If you like you can top it with some diced stewed tomatoes. Quick and easy.