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Feb 24, 2011 12:35 PM

4 Days in Barcelona!

Hi there!

We are going to be in Barcelona for four days in early April. What are the can't miss restaurants? Specifically, we are looking for great tapas and paella. We want to find a great wine bar. We'll probably want to do one upscale dinner with the rest being more moderately priced. Do you have any recommendations?

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  1. I would search for earlier posts as eating in Barcelona is probably the most popular threads on this board. Because there are not many locals on this board and most visitors stay only a short time, the same reliable recommendations show up. If you can be more specific one your budget and type of food for your upscale dinner, you'll probably get some good recommendations. Except for the molecular/modern Catalan restaurants and a few traditional Catalan, most of the recommendations for tapas/pintxos and everyday places such as paella will be moderately priced. Many places in Barcelonetta serve respectable paellas but I have never found one I truly love. It is not a speciality of Barcelona and difficult for restaurants to produce correctly. One will have better luck with different versions of arroz.
    My favorite wine bars are La Vinya del Senyor on the Placa de Santa Maria del Mar in Born. Tables outside for warm afternoon/evenings; small and cozy bar inside and upstair. Excellent wine list and some simple tapas. And Le Vinateria del Call in the Gotic; very atmospheric, great wine list and staff, good cheeses, charcuterie and a wider selection of food than La Vinya.
    Monvinic on c/Deputacio in the Eixample is one of the newer designer wine bars that are opening up in Barcelona. They have a complete wine programs for tasting including flights, etc.

    1. Hola Annie! I think I've seen you on the other forum. I've tried Kaiku and El Vell Sarria for arroz. The former is down near Barceloneta beach and the other is in the upper neighbourhood of Sarria.

      A little wine bar with a great selection of wine, freshly-made pa amb tomaquet and nice charcuterie is Bar Zim. It's run by the owner of Formatgeria La Seu, Scotswoman Katherine McLaughlin. She's been in Barcelona for many years and her artisanal cheese store is worth visiting too. Amazing cheese ice creams! She's near metro Jaume I.

      1. My husband and I had one day to spend in Barcelona before a cruise. Our hotel recommended Tapas 24. We went and had a wonderful experience. We were just about the only English speaking people there. We had no problem ordering and enjoying the terrific tapas.