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Feb 24, 2011 12:20 PM

Boston foodie spending 2 days in Utrecht--need help please!

I will be in Utrecht for 2 days on business in mid-March. From initial web research, not too much info on great places to eat and/or drink. I arrive early Monday morning and have most of the day and Tuesday dinner, possibly with colleagues. Seems like museums are closed so I figure I'll eat. Can anyone offer good recommendations for cafes, bakeries, restaurants? Are there any specialties? I am staying at Karel V and hear that their bistro is good. Is this a place for dinner? If so, what’s great there? Thanks for any help you can offer.

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  1. Can suggest Luce, Visschersplein 75, Utrecht, phone: (030) 233 30 08

    Good food excellent wines.

    1. Something to keep in mind if you have the time is that Utrecht is not really that far from Amsterdam (many people will even commute), so you could also plan a meal in Amsterdam. I think it's about 40 mins on the train.

      1. Two great restaurants in my opinion are de Garde ( and de Goedheyd ( Two small places with excellent food and a nice atmosphere. De Goedheyd will be closed on monday though.
        A nice place for an Italian-style lunch is Mammoni.

        1. I can recommend Blauw, which is just outside the back door of the Karel V. No visit to the Netherlands is complete without an Indonesian meal and Blauw's rijstafel is really good. You will need to book ahead, as it isn't that large and is very popular with the locals. Their sambal is home made and is truly addictive.

          1. Since I was researching hotels and restos in the Greek Isles for September, as a fellow foodie I thought I'd help you. But you're going to Holland over by Germany. Ugh!

            Well, Michelin (which I prefer not to follow) gives stars to Grand Restaurant Karel V, Kasteel Heemstede, De Hoefslag, and La Provence, plus several red forks to Wilhelminapark.

            Bon apppetit!

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              It's Restaurant Week in the Netherlands this week (14 - 20 march). There are so many last minute cancellations (and restaurants that decided to join restaurant week at the last minute) you can suddenly get in almost everywhere. See:
              I can also recommend Blauw (which doesn't take part of restaurant week, although they offered a special menu last year to compete with restaurant week). Or just come to Amsterdam?