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Feb 24, 2011 12:05 PM

Vegan Marshmallow Recipe????

Hello again everyone,
So I'm in the middle of planning a sleepover for all of my bridesmaids, and since my maid of honor is vegan I am attempting to serve vegan friendly foods. For dessert I am making caramel, and chocolate fondue. All of the dipping options except the marshmallows are fruit, so I"m pretty sure they're vegan, however I would really love to serve marshmallows. My biggest issue is finding a FUNCTIONAL vegan recipe, as most of the ones I have found have poor reviews. I would sincerely appreciate any advice and suggestions.

Thanks so much in advance everyone!!

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  1. Here's my advice, though I understand if you don't want to take it...your wedding is probably incredibly stressful, and I'm sure you no doubt don't have a lot of time on your hands. While we have covered gelatin free (though not always vegan) marshmallows on other threads (I'll paste in the links below) I don't think there has been a single occasion where the person who posted or the responders have found a viable recipe. There are a lot of chemistry issues working against the success of a vegan marshmallow, and unless you are really devoted to spending large amounts of time, effort, and perhaps money for the cause you might want to re-think the idea of making them yourself.

    My advice would be to purchase the vegan marshmallows from either Sweet and Sara or from Dandies. The Sweet and Sara ones are quite dense (though they loosen up upon reaching room temperature) but they have a delicious flavor, are a nice size, and melt well. The Dandies marshmallows have much more of a melt-in-your mouth air-puffed quality to them (similar to Kraft marshmallows). But, they are the size of mini marshmallows and thus might not stay put on a fondue fork. I wish you a lot of luck with your vegan marshmallow making, but speaking as someone who has been trying to make a gelatin-free marshmallow recipe (that will actually hold its shape) for over 10 years I'm hoping you'll save yourself the aggravation and go the store-bought route.

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      I'd really second the Sweet and Sara recommendation for an event like this. They're hand made and come in different flavors and are really good.

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        Sara's worked really hard to get that company off of the ground (I don't know her personally but used to order from her directly before she sold through other companies...she was incredibly nice and always remembered me!) so it's wonderful to drive business in her direction!

      2. re: Laura D.

        A third for Sweet and Sara's. Vegan marshmallows are tricky at best, and impossible at worst. If you can't get that brand, then really any vegan marshmallows will show your MoH that you care.

        And if for some reason veganessentials doesn't work out, then you can also get vegan marshmallows here:

        Congratulations on the wedding!

      3. Elizabeth Falkner has a recipe that uses agar agar instead of gelatin, but I believe the base is still egg whites.

        I say make agar agar marshmallows, and tell your maid of honor they're not vegan. Use local farm egg whites, and let her make the right choice. I couldn't see any reason for someone to pass that up. Local eggs from humanely raised chickens?


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          What about doing a vegan rice crispy treat? I made the one from Alicia Silverstone's The Kind Diet and really liked it. They were gooey deliciousness and completely vegan. Plus who doesn't like a caramel or chocolate fondue covered rice crispy? Good luck!!

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            I haven't seen an Elizabeth Faulkner recipe with agar agar but the one she has with xanthan gum doesn't seem to work (and does have egg whites). I only tried them once but they did not hold their shape, and other reviewers online have stated the same problem. Over a 24 hour period they all sort of melted together into a big slab that tasted okay though honestly wasn't that good. I do, however, think that if your bridesmaid is truly following a vegan diet she isn't going to be interested in a recipe containing egg whites, no matter how humane their source.

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              @J.Dish, you may not understand the vegan lifestyle choice, but that doesn't mean you have to be rude & disrespectful about it.

              @BGV91, i third the recommendation to buy vegan marshmallows instead of torturing yourself over making decent ones at home. besides, it'll free you up to spend more time making the dipping sauces anyway!

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                Amen. Trying to force someone to give up their chosen dietary lifestyle sends a completely different message than going out of your way to do something special. It sounds like the OP is trying to do something nice rather than pushy and presumptuous.

            2. This is an exhaustive discussion about vegan and non-vegetarian homemade marshmallows, including the agar agar method.