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Feb 24, 2011 11:50 AM

Bake Sale

I have been asked to make a few things for a bake sale next week, I used to be quite the baker but now don't have as much time with two little ones. Does anyone know of any items which can be freezed if I make them this weekend and will still taste ok if I thaw them next friday?

Any advice would be really helpful, I really want to help as the bake sale is for a charity dear to us,


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  1. This past Christmas I decided to do my cookie baking ahead of time. I made a ton of chocolate chip cookies, let them cool completely, and then froze them. I took them out the day I was going to serve them, opened the bag and let them defrost. Not a single person knew they were frozen!

    My cousin also keeps her cookies frozen. We're going to see them in March, and she reminded me that she's bringing my Christmas cookies with her. They've been frozen since December. I've had them before, and they are delicious!

    Oh, and chocolate items are always the first to go at bake sales! I hope you raise a lot of money for your favorite cause!

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      Thanks for your suggestions! I think I will definitely make some cookies before hand, I'm assuming if you are icing something then its best to do it after they have defrosted?

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        Yes, I'd let them defrost first, then ice them.

    2. Make whoopie pies and freeze individually wrapped. They're always a big hit.

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        What a great idea, Chowser.
        I've found that cookies and bars of all types freeze quite well. Brownies, Blondies, Caramel-nut bars and the like. Peanut-butter cookies, spice cookies, chocolate crackle cookies, choc. chips; all cookies hold up pretty well frozen. Most important, is to wrap them well.
        Enjoy the sale. I hope you make a ton of money for your charity of choice. : )

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          Thanks! These are all great suggestions!

        2. Hi all,

          Quick breads are always a hot seller. Especially if you make them in the small loaf pans, the ones that are about 3" by 6". A standard recipe will make three loaves.

          Also pound cake can be baked in the little pans and frozen. I do that because I can't use an entire pound cake myself.


          1. Try magic bars! They're a huge hit in my family around the holidays. Very easy to make and freeze/thaw well.