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Feb 24, 2011 11:29 AM

NO MSG Dim Sum takeout in Richmond BC - prepared and frozen

This is a take out only frozen dim sum establishment located beside Savon Foods on #3 road in Richmond BC.

The owner is listening to his customers, and now is making all items in his shop MSG FREE.

I hope those chowhounds looking for a source of frozen MSG FREE dim sum who buy from this proprietor let him know they appreciate the MSG FREE products.

Standard dim sum items available. Selection is fairly large.

Gah Lok Dim Sum Ltd
8100 Ackroyd Rd, Richmond, BC V6X3K2, CA

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  1. There is also a Gah Lok location on Fraser St for those who are interested.

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    1. re: fmed

      The Fraser one is where I go for my sticky rice. I wonder if it is MSG-free too...

      1. re: grayelf

        assume it has msg unless written on the package or other signage. msg free dim sum is very hard to find.

        1. re: benzer

          Thank you! I really need to give their dim sum a try. I have a mild allergy to MSG. I seldom go to dim sum but went last week. I was so uncomfortable after the meal. I will be very happy if their frozen dim sum items are good and MSG free!
          For sure will report back.

          1. re: ahungrybear

            If you go there mention to the owner that you are visiting his store specifically because his products no longer contain msg. He is sticking his neck out, as most asians want the taste enhanced by this exictotoxin.

        2. re: grayelf

          I'm quite sure Gah Lok lists MSG in their ingredients. Speaking of which, I'm out of dumplings !

          I looked a long time for MSG-free frozen dim sum, to no avail. Maybe this one will be worth my while. Thanks Benzer.

          What sort of items did you see there ? Prices ?

          1. re: LotusRapper

            I know this move to no msg dim sum products is new. I went to empire market in richmond where they carry some gah-lok frozen dim sum products. This must be older stock because msg is listed on the label. If you go to the store on no3 road in richmond beside savon, all of his products in that location are msg free.

            there is a general range of dim sum items from ha gow to sui mai, sticky rice , the usual suspects. It is a decent selection, but not extensive.

            1. re: benzer

              went to Osaka supermarket in Yaohan center. They carry frozen dim sum product from the following company. No MSG!

              you can find it in the aisle freezer in the same area where they sell the hot food items.

              Joy Chinese Dim Sum
              3993 Henning Dr, Burnaby, BC V5C 6N5 (604) 874-2371 ‎