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Feb 24, 2011 10:03 AM

Leelyn's- Columbia/EC

Recently tried Leelyn's & had a great meal. Food has changed there for the better. Mac & cheese was great. Housemade bacon, as are most ingredients. Loved the soups- hot & sour and cream of crab. Meat was perfectly cooked the way it was ordered. Not much about it on here & all the other reviews were older so thought I'd share.

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  1. They must have improved dramatically over the last few years.
    When we moved to Howard Co & were searching for dining spots, I came across quite a number of forum postings about LeeLyns. The opinions were split roughly 60 / 40 favoring positive.
    We tried the place once, and we were extremely underwhelmed. The service was almost as bad as it can get. The food deserved no more the a "meh, sort of OK" rating. Their "fabulous crabcakes" were anything but.

    Curious to here what others have to say.

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      After reading reviews I was hesitant to go, but it had been recommended, so we figured we'd try it (I couldn't find any newer reviews). Apparently they have new chef/cooks (recent months) & are now making much of the food from scratch, rather than just "ordering" it. I heard the burgers are good & our friends enjoyed the salads, so I'll try it again. Please post if you try it again.

    2. We like Leelyns because the small plates are interesting and not too much food. The kitchen has been improving over the years but can be inconsistent - we had some wings that came out cold - twice - but when fixed, were delicious. I thought the eggplant fries were good. It was a lot of food and needs to be eaten quickly while still warm, but a nice change.

      My wife and kids like the cream of crab soup and the burgers and pizza specials are good. They participate with, so you can try out the place for not too much money.

      1. Leelynn's is our go-to spot in Howard County. The (new) executive chef has been there for about a year or two now and has put a lot of great things on the menu. He's a former Woodberry chef, and you can really tell with the fresh and interesting small plates they have now. We went to Leelynn's years ago and found everything to be very mediocre and slightly overpriced for what you get. But now I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. And, I'd suggest trying whatever the specials are for the day since they usually have the chef's touch.

        9495 Old Annapolis Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21042

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          Interesting - sounds like it's time to check them out again. It's been years since I've been there, and it was nothing special back then. It would indeed be great to have another "go-to" place!