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Feb 24, 2011 09:54 AM

Fine dining in Key West, FL?

I'm having a wedding in Key West in June 2011 and looking for places to have my wedding reception and rehearsal dinner for 20 people.
I've called everywhere, but still can't decide.
I've never been to Key West, so I have no idea how the restaurants are.

I've called these restaurants so far:
- Pisces : how does the back room look like? Will this place be nice enough to have a wedding reception? They only allow the back room for private party.
- Latitudes : private room is way too small
- Hot Tin Roof : private room is in outdoor (too hot in June)
- Louie's Backyard : $8000 for 20 people (serious???)
- Roof Top Cafe : no private room
- Cafe Marquesa : no private room

I've called but haven't heard anything from then yet
- The Grand Cafe
- A&B
- Shor

Does anyone know where I can have a nice reception and rehearsal dinner?
My budget is about $80~125 per person (not counting the drinks).
Seafood/steak restaurant would be nice.
I need help!

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  1. If you haven't already, you may want to also post this in the TripAdvisor Key West forum. I think there are some other people on there who have planned/are planning a wedding in Key West.

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    1. Hey Panda, I am looking for something similar but for 12 people... did you ever find out any information or choose a restaurant?