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Feb 24, 2011 09:46 AM

Venice Visit Mid March

Will be staying on Fondamenta di Cannaregio for a week. Looking for suggestions for restaurants and bars that cook simple, fresh, authentic food. As well restaurant suggestions please for a special dinner. Finally are there any seasonal dishes we should be looking for?

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  1. I would search this board as there have been many informative posts on eating in Venice. Most recommendations are for good traditional Venetian places as well as for excellent "special' dinners places. Cannaregio is probably the best area for 'inexpensive' eating.
    Produce that is in season in March: artichokes from Sant Erasmus, local asparagus, different varieties of radicchio, good fennel and greens such as puntarella, citrus from Sicily. Too early for good berries, melons or stone fruits. As for Venetian seafood, depending on the weather, there should be some moleche, maybe canoce, tiny squids and octopus, schie,, granseola; beautiful all year round seafood such as wild branzino and dorado, sardines, St. Pietro, skate, monkfish, rombo, scallops, scampi, tiny clams.

    1. Alla Fontana and Dalla Marisa are along the Cannareggio canal. As PSBF notes there are a lot of restaurants nearby. Alla Zucca and Anice Stellato are two places you might consider for your dinner that are not too far, but there are others.

      Anice Stellato
      Cannaregio, 3272, Venezia , IT

      La Zucca (aka alla Zucca)
      Santa Croce, 1762, Venezia 30135, IT

      Dalla Marisa
      Cannareggio 652b, Fondamenta San Giobbe, Venezia 720211, IT

      Alla Fontana
      Fondamenta di Cannaregio 1102, Venice, Veneto , IT

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