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Feb 24, 2011 09:11 AM

Free admission day at that garden show in oaks but where to eat?

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  1. Another culinary waistland of the suburbs. I would get back on 422 and drive to Royersford and go to Han Dynasty .. if you like sichuan cuisine.

    Max and Ermas is right there... sort of a variation on Fridays Applebee etc. I have eaten there for business lunches and sometimes wished I had skipped the meal.

    Two more stops down 422 you have the new Wegmans, and a Pf Changs. Friends actually like the pub at the new Wegmans.

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      Thanks for the heads up cwdonald. Maybe I'll hit Uncle Greg's before I go.

    2. Yes, that immediate area pretty much sucks for good food, other than a couple chain places and pizza places, there is nothing. HOWEVER, Oaks is not all that far from Phoenixville where the selection is good, I would head there, it's maybe 10-15 minutes away from the Expo Center.

      1. I second going into Phoenixville...good selection of places to try. Skip the Oaks area.

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          I agree going to Phoenixville opens up many opportunities... Black Lab Thai L'elephant etc. However be warned even though its short how the crow flies, the traffice, especially on weekends is almost unbearable on that streatch of the road. And then there is parking in Phoenixville... not trying to discourage by any means.. .just plan your time accordingly.. ie go to the show first and then go to Phoenixville afterwards. Alternatively you could even try to eat along the way from Bucks/Lansdale area in a place like Skippack before you get to the Oaks...

        2. Ugh. Seriously--there is nothing. Nothing in Oaks. Get on 422 going towards Philly. Get off at Swedesford Road, make your way towards Wayne and go to Theresa's for a bite. Perhaps you can head into Consohoken to Spring Mill Cafe...or bring a nice lunch from home or go to Wegman's for a baguette and cheese and go into Valley Forge Park for a little picnic.

          1. Whatever you do, do not, I repeat DO NOT, eat in the expo center. Phoenixville is an excellent choice. You can even take a peek at the movie theater where The Blob was filmed.

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              Wow that is awesome PattiCakes! Thanks for all the great responses. So many places to eat so little time! Well the show sucked for what we wanted, guess I will just have to hit the garden show in Philly, but here is what we ate: we wanted to beat the traffic so we went around four thirty and we were hungry so I scored the best food available at the venue, a box of girl scout cookies! I let my friend pick and he got chocolate peanut butter. They really hit the spot. Did get some nice samples of fudgie wudgie, wine, and some soup being sampled by a restaurant from Stone Harbor NJ. The lobster bisque was tasty.
              We decided to hit a chain in KOP because my crew was starving after all that walking around. I wanted to try Sullivan's but I got out-voted so Legal Seafood it was. My one friend who rarely joins us was delighted with his catfish New Orleans style. I forget the exact name they called it. I had some and it was good. The real surprise was the side order of yummy kale that it came with. I got baked stuffed shrimp and the body builder among us got rainbow trout. He loved it. We got in and out early and the service was just how I like it at such a place. Friendly, casual and efficient.
              The traffic was really scary but we managed to hit it during rush hour. Now I am intrigued by some of the other suggestions. Thanks again hounds!

              1. re: givemecarbs

                It is really incredible to me that KOP lacks any dining options other than chains, basically. Desi Palace if you want Indian food, but that's about it. Whenever I have lunch with a friend around the area (it's a 1/2 way meeting point) we usually hit Panera Bread on 202 north. I guess this says something about the price of commercial rent in the area that no small, non-chain restaurant can compete with a chain whose homeoffice can pick up the tab.

                1. re: gardens4me

                  Ooof Panera bread. Sure you can't talk your friend into driving just a bit further to Thai Orchid? Yeah it is ridiculous. I was eyeing the new Gino's as at least it is a retro chain. I wonder if the KOP Gino's has fried chicken?

                  1. re: givemecarbs

                    Gino's does have fried chicken. I tried a burger there and was severely underwhelmed. Go at your own risk.