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Feb 24, 2011 08:50 AM

Pre-Theatre snacks/Post-Theatre Dinner after Much Ado at Wyndhams

Hello again. I've searched the board for recommendations, but I'm not sure we can afford the Ivy and don't want to do Asia de Cuba (which is basically our marriage) or Chinese (my husband is of Chinese descent, and he's not interested), so where would you recommend we eat dinner after the play (on a Monday night)? Also, where could we have a quick snack beforehand? We'd like to keep dinner under 65 pounds, including one glass of wine and one non-alcoholic drink plus dessert.

Thanks in advance. This is our first time going to London.

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  1. what kind of food do you like?

    you could do bar snacks at terroirs beforehand then supper at les deux salons if you like french food.

    1. Deux Salons (which I enjoyed) has a well-priced pre-theatre menu, plus their regular menu. I thought their Paris Brest dessert was wonderful. The menu isn't strictly French - my husband had a traditional, British Barnsley chop.

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        Or what about the sit up bar at J Sheekey? Sister to the Ivy but the prices are a bit kinder if you nibble at the bar, and they often have offers eg half dozen oysters and a glass of bubbly for £15. The fish pie is yum.

      2. Thanks everyone! I made post-show reservations at Les Deux Salons and will try Terroirs for a cocktail and snacks beforehand.

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          Terroirs is a wine bar so I'd stick with that rather than the cocktails, as mighty fine the list is too, as are the nibbles!