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Feb 24, 2011 08:24 AM

Delicious and reasonably priced cupcakes in metro Detroit?

Can anyone suggest a great place to get a bunch of cupcakes for not a super lot of money? I'll be needing about 100 so I don't want to go above $2/each but below that is great.

I know Costco is a great deal but I don't love their cupcakes and they are just so darn big! Any other suggestions are welcome.


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  1. is Ypsilanti too out of your way? Terry's bakery on Michigan Ave is an old-fashioned bakery, and could probably fit the bill for under $2 each no problem.

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    1. re: charlesbois

      we're in Royal Oak so yeah Ypsi is probably too far. Thanks for responding!

    2. You may want to try Just Baked in Royal Oak on Woodward near 14 Mile. We were able to order cupcakes that weren't the normal giant size everyone is making now. They had a lot of choices and it was pretty reasonable. Good Luck!

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      1. re: Jack Freeman

        Thanks! We like Just Baked but I think they were around $3/cupcake. Were you able to get a better deal?

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          They do a smaller size.. a standard size cupcake in buttercream and will work with you to get the flavors you like. When we ordered them in Sept. they were $ 15 a doz. but can be a little more depending on what toppings you want on them. They were really good!

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            Oh..and they do a mini cupcake too...which is even smaller. Next time I think we will do that so people can have multiple cupcakes!

        2. Holiday market royal oak has really nice cupcakes. Simple yellow cake or chocolate cake with butter cream cant be more than $6 for a package of 6.