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Feb 24, 2011 08:03 AM

Haldimand part 2

So now that we've deduced that Haldimand has slim pickin's for good food....I've decided that since this area is a cottage/tourist destination in Summer full of unknowing diners to save a few of you time and money and tell you my opinions on area dining experiences...;-)

First on the list has to be the Sunflower Cafe. What can I say about a place that can't even make scrambled eggs? Have never had a good meal here and only went back because someone else was buying (and we don't have anything else in town). The food seems to be frozen, often, and there is no pride in their product-it's very obvious. They seem to count on the fact that they are the only option in town, but I'd rather go hungry.

Hagersville restaurant. Even after asking the waitress for her candid opinion on the alfredo (sometimes they'd rather avoid a dissatisfied patron and just be honest) she assured me "people like it". I have to say WHAT people? The people without tatsebuds? Starving people? Who, exactly, likes to eat wallpaper paste? All the pepper and parmesan on the table couldn't make it edible. Again if a friend wasn't buying (and is the type to be easily embarassed) I would have refused to pay for that slop.

I have had hit and miss experiences at Hoover's marina. It does have a nice ambiance, being right on the water with a patio, but the food has been good here and not good, maybe depending on who is working? A server once tried to tell my (professional fisherman) friend that he was being served (and charged for) pickeral when it wasn't pickeral...why not just be honest and say "We are out of that at he moment?" Most times service is OK, I prefer to just stop here for a beer and maybe some sweet potato fries.

Floyd's, in Nanticoke, is a home cookin' type of place. The daily specials are fresh and homemade, nothing fancy but a decent meal for a decent price. The perch has a good batter, not too bready, in short have not been dissatisfied here.

The Cheapside Restaurant has a good breakfast, if a bit slow to get to the table. Have not eaten lunch or dinner here so can't comment on that, but I do appreciate the open kitchen....nothing to hide with their cleanliness or prep.

Farther out there is the Dog's Nest south of Simco. Food was enjoyable, and menu varied, on only one dining experience I'd have to say I'd go back again.

Anyways, just a bit of food for thought if you're heading this way this Summer...;-)

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  1. Hey There,
    Where is Floyd's? Work out there and was wondering? Breakfast?
    The Beach House in Dover is pretty good too, with a great view

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    1. re: NorfolkGuy

      Floyd's is actually in Peacock Point, at 429 South Coast Dr. She has cut her hours for the winter but is open evenings during the week and all day Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun. In Summer she is open all day every day from 7 am on. They have a good breakfast and will try to accomodate if you come in after 11 :-)
      Number is (905) 776-5721.

      1. re: NorfolkGuy

        I think I've been to the Beach House...they are right on the water on the left looking at the Lake? (I'm bad with names lol I seem to just go on my internal GPS) If so I've been there it was good. If not I'll try it, thanks!

        1. re: crazee

          Yep that's the one, great patio for some drinks in the summer
          well keep in touch if you discover anything new

      2. I'm not sure if this is still in Haldimand, or if it is Pelham, but the Wainfleet Motel just north of the village of Wainfleet, on #3 (before the intersection with Hwy 3 heading north) is pretty good.

        It's run by a Sri-Lankan fellow who trained as a chef in Paris (France) and although it shows the realities of cooking for small-town Ontarians, the food is definitely several cuts above what you would expect to find in a motel restaurant. Prices are very reasonable for the quality.

        The Dunnville Diner (I think that's what it's called) on Broad Street East in Dunnville is kind of fun. The food is not really anything special but it is prepared with attention. It's got that old-time greasy spoon ambiance and the prices are stupendously cheap.

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        1. re: Ferdzy

          Thanks Ferdzy I will check that out when in the area. I did try the Dunnville Diner once, it was ok, can't remember what I ate.

          1. re: Ferdzy

            I went to visit my father over the holidays, and we ate at the Wainfleet Motel as usual. I have to say, it really is very good. I ordered a seafood linguine that was very pleasant. (Could have used some veggies.) I won't order pasta in very many restaurants because so many of them do it badly, but this was cooked perfectly.

            This really is a great local restaurant. They are doing some much-needed renovations outside at the moment and it doesn't look great. (They could stand to do some inside too. Hope that's in the plan.) But that said, you will not get better food at pretty much any price anywhere else for miles and miles around. Dad was complaining that he got a braised lamb shank for over $30 at some fancy do at one of the wineries in the Niagara area, that wasn't half as good (or as large) as the one they serve at the Wainfleet Motel for half that price.