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Feb 24, 2011 07:30 AM

Ellie Krieger's Breakfast Cookies

Doggone it, but these are good. I make them as muffins (one recipe makes about 9 muffins which bake in about 21 minutes in my oven).

I like them because a) they taste good, b) they are easy to make (I whisk the ingredients together rather than use my stand mixer bc whisk + bowl are easier to clean than stand mixer IMHO), and c) they are fairly nutritious.

I use a little 3.5 oz container of baby food sweet potatoes (instead of baby food carrots) . I could easily make my own baby food carrots with fresh carrots + microwave, but sometimes I just plain want to do it the easier way.

Anyone else tried these?

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  1. Yeah, I make them occasionally, I've never made muffins with them though, maybe I'll try it the next time. I have used fresh carrots, cooked and mashed when I forgot to get baby food. I like to have something like that to take to work along with some fruit. At least I tell myself I'm eating fairly nutritiously that way