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Feb 24, 2011 06:32 AM

Rose Mosteller's Seafood Market - Pottstown?

Has anyone ever been to this seafood market in Pottstown? It is right next to Henry's Cafe and I can't find a website or any information about it online! Wondering what the hours are, and if worth a trip. Thanks!

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  1. The fellow at Henry's Cafe (Frank?) speaks highly of it. That's all I know.

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    1. re: FrancisdeR

      Thanks. I found a phone number, so I will call and attempt a trip this weekend! Will report back on findings :)

      1. re: KittCat84

        Let us know if you find anything fishy there ...

    2. Yes, please let us know. I have been wanting to try Henry's....and we need good options to buy seafood that hasn't been farm-raised in Thailand, thank you very much!

      1. I know this is an old posting, but if anyone is still interested, here's my opinion. I go to Rose Mosteller's Seafood Market every week. Her fish is always the freshest I have ever found and is much cheaper than going to Wegman's. Because I've become a "regular" I know that she won't buy the fish if it doesn't meet her standards, which are very high. She's also very good at special orders. And if you want to do a clam bake or make a big seafood Paella, just give her a day or two notice and she'll have all the ingredients for you.