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Feb 24, 2011 05:09 AM

Terenga, A Senegalese restaurant in Boston

I had the pleasure of trying Terenga last night and I was blown away. The four of us ordered apps, entrees and desserts, so I got to try a lot. First, the service is excellent and attentive. The beer is served in a frosty glass. The selection of beers is small but unusual. The food is complex and delicious. Among the dishes I tried were the lamb stew, chicken kebabs, fish cakes. We tried the desserts, too, but I was not as crazy about those. In addition, you will not break the bank here. The atmosphere is cozy and pretty. This is a 'hidden' gem. The place was not full, but I can't think of another restaurant I've tried lately that deserves a full house!

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  1. I reviewed this place in Stuff a few months back, speculated that the reason it's overlooked is that Bostonians aren't so familiar with / comfortable around African cuisines. We might know a little Ethiopian, a little Moroccan or Tunisian, have a couple of sort-of Egyptian places now, and not much else. It's a shame, because Teranga is a terrific little neighborhood place with lovely, inviting atmosphere and nice prices by South End standards. Worth noting that the pacing can be leisurely; not necessarily a good place for a quick meal.

    Speaking of African cuisines, thanks to the Hounds who brought Tawakal Halal Cuisine to my attention: that's my On the Cheap review in The Phoenix this week. Really, really like it.

    1746 Washington Street, Boston, MA

    Tawakal Halal Cuisine
    1004 Bennington St, Boston, MA 02128

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      I read your piece and immediately wanted to try it but then forgot. Where is it again?

      1. re: C. Hamster

        A few doors down from Toro.

        1704 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

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          Near the corner of Washington St., and Mass. Ave., Boston. 1746 Washington.

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          I really like Terenga. I've been several times and it's always been a solid experience- I'm a sucker for places that do whole fish and do it right. Terega is one of those places.

          I used to live on E. Springfield St back when there was nothing around but Mike's diner. Really wish Terenga was around when I was. The trek from JP doesn't make it a regular spot, but I try to hit it up on occasion.

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            Ha...I used to live on E. Springfield Street when Mike's Diner was an old, disgusting convenience store called Cosmos.

            Terenga is wonderful, though. I've eaten there twice, and both meals were delicious. The lamb stew is my favorite by far. I ordered it both times. I think I need to go there again and force myself to try something else now.

            Mike's Diner
            645 Washington St, Canton, MA

        3. Can you say more about the food you ate? My one visit to Terenga in 2009 was pretty poor. Would love to hear that the chow is improved.

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            try the yassa guinaar (grilled chicken with lemons and caramelized onions) and mafe (groundnut stew with lamb)

          2. Highlights of my last couple of visits: accara, like a black-eyed pea falafel; nems, very similar to Vietnamese fried spring rolls; thiou guinaar (on the lunch menu), kind of like a Country French stew of herb-marinated chicken, tomatoes, and vegetables; and dibi, thin-sliced, marinated, grilled lamb shoulder chops drizzled with pan gravy, dolloped with a creamy, mustard-tinged onion sauté, and topped with a pile of crisp sweet-potato fries and baby arugula. Wine list is well-chosen and affordable, too.


            1. The chef at Terenga won TV's "Chopped" competition! This restaurant is wonderful. I feel it's a little-appreciated spot and I hope this win brings more clientele!


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                Thanks for the spoiler: it's on my DVR, but I hadn't watched it yet.

                Now that I know about it, I'm hopeful Teranga will get some overdue attention. It is unfairly overlooked, in my book.


              2. For the record, this restaurant is called Teranga - one e, two a's. There are a few older threads about it:

                And a dissenting opinion from Prav:

                1746 Washington Street, Boston, MA

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                  Yes, thanks for the spelling correction!