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Feb 24, 2011 05:08 AM

Oriental Market - N. Hills - Pittsburgh

This past Saturday, I was in the North Hills and noticed a "grand opening" of Oriental Market.

I checked it out. It's a fairly big store with all the goodies that can be found at Lotus Foods in the Strip.

They have fresh meats/fish, vegetables, things I'm not too quite sure what they The staff there were friendly and offered to help me find a few things.

I think Lotus Foods is larger and a bit less expensive, but this is a good alternative if you're not in the Strip.

Oriental Market
4770 McKnight Rd
Pittsburgh PA 15237

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  1. Hey, that's cool! It's not real far up McKnight looks like, so not significantly closer to home than Strip (I can pretty much go to Lotus after work if I need to, not too out of the way) but still could be handy at times. Always good to have another option.

    Thanks for bringing it up.