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Cooking Class - Baltimore

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Can anyone recommend a cooking class in Baltimore? I'm looking for a gift for my brother and his gf.

I've looked at the catalog of the Culinary Arts Center. It's interesting but I was looking for something more along the lines of what Roberto Donna used to do in the old Galileo. I took a class there about 5 years ago - a group of about 10 of us cooked about 5 courses. Roberto was a lot of fun. Lots of wine flowed during the cooking. Then we sat down for a massive lunch with more wine.

I see that he is still offering classes out of his home in Virginia. That is probably too far but has anyone been?

I saw classes at Dogwood. They look promising but they're just once a month and none of the upcoming classes really interested me.

Are there any other restaurant/chef led classes in the Baltimore area?

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    1. Jerry Pellegrino at Corks does cooking classes regularly.


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        oooops....hate it when I don't read the dates of the thread!

      2. I was just reading about Palena today, and I found out Ann Amernick has moved back to her hometown of Baltimore and is teaching in Owings Mills.


        3529 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008