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Feb 24, 2011 01:34 AM

The Palm & Chef Allen Experience

Enjoyed the food in both venues. Delicious Prime Rib at The Palm, and a well executed & compiled variety of fish at Chef Allen.

However in both restaurants, we were surprised at the disappointing level of customer care shown by both Duty Managers.

By 20.30pm on President's Day, The Palm had run out of vanilla ice cream. My fellow diners are fairly regular at the Palm & enjoy the chocolate cake when it is eaten with vanilla ice cream. My friend spoke to the Maitre D & just said that we were surprised that there was no more vanilla ice cream. He has clearly not been trained in customer care, nor showed any empathy. His retort was sharp, unfriendly and full of attitude.

In Chef Allen we were unfortunately sat near a table of 4 people with 2 very loud speaking men & also near a table of 5 very loud 'cackling' women. By the time we had eaten our main courses, we could not even hear our own conversations. The very helpful waitress understood my request to move to another table which was available in a quieter part of the restaurant. She spoke to the Manager & he refused to let us move table. He made no attempt to come & see why we wanted to move or explain the situation. I therefore asked the waitress for the bill. By the then, the waitress told me to speak to the General Manager & she was duly apologetic & suggested we move to the quieter table. Our bill had arrived by then, so we paid & left.

Good food 'yes' ... good waiter service 'yes' ... regrettably marred by surly inadequate 'managerial' staff who are just too full of their own self importance.

Chef Allen's
19088 NE 29th Ave., Aventura, FL 33180

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  1. Hey Condor,
    How about this for customer care? The Palm wouldn't let my wife and I eat at the bar one night! We eat at the bar most of the time and at lots of places including several Palms like Boston, Orlando and others...and the place was practically empty! Manager couldnt care less nor offer a reason as we finished our $14 glass of wine and left for BLT where we were welcomed at the bar.

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    1. re: VaughnRmnE

      Was it the Miami branch ? and if so ... the tall guy with glasses ?

    2. Always love the Palm, but not for steak. Their Italian and seafood are off the charts but their steak is just ok. I'm an 837 Club member and have received excellent service, always. Sorry to hear you were treated rudely.

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        Funny .. my friends who eat alot at The Palm love ice cream with their Palm chocolate cake.

        They were spoken to, so badly ... and guess what, they're members of 837.

        In my opinion, the front of house Manager should be sacked for such attitude.

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          By the way the Bal harbor is the only Palm open in the area. The one in the Gables closed a couple years ago.