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Feb 23, 2011 11:02 PM

Berlin: Renger-Patzch equivalent for lunch?

We're preparing for a long weekend in Berlin in March, and thanks to all of the threads on the board, I've got FOUR SOLID PAGES of chowing ideas - hurrah!

@Linguafood, it you're out there, your posts and blog have been superb info sources, and your raves about Renger-Patzch have me super-excited about it.

The only problem: they're only open for dinner, and evening meals out with our 20-month-old are challenging, to say the least. So...would there be an equivalent to R-P (in terms of cuisine, approach, style, QPR) that you would recommend for lunch? Armed with enough toy cars and Cheerios, we can sail through the noon meal without much problem.

Off to dream some more about braised cabbage and eisbein and Koenigsberger klopse...

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  1. Hi Kelly, can you let me know where in Berlin you are located and whether you have a pref for something nearby or whether you are willing to travel? It's such a big city that some restrictions actually might make it easier for me to recommend something.....

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    1. re: linguafood

      Hi Lingua - thanks for checking in.

      I feel bad for the urgent call, as we are now postponing the trip until the first half of May. But the same location criteria noted below will apply, as will the inability to go out for dinner. :o/

      We're hesitating between two let-by-owner flats. One is in Schoeneberg (I know, I know, adding insult to injury for R-P), very close to the Yorckstrasse S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations. The other is in Kreuzberg, close to the Schlesiches Tor U-Bahn station.

      The only difference will be...Spargel Season! And with any luck a temperature above freezing! (We are tired of the cold and decided to go for 10 degrees' additional warmth in London -- and an Indian food extravaganza -- in March. But I am soooooooo excited for Berlin in the spring.

      I have always travelled on and for my stomach, but toddler issues make that less easy these days. So recommendations either near those flats or near some of destinations we'll be trying to hit (the zoo, Museum Insel, Erholungspark Marzahn, the MACH kids' museum in P'berg, Loxx Miniaturwelten near the Ku'damm...) would be fantastic.

      Thanks again -- your posts to date have been an absolute treasure trove!

      1. re: Kelly

        Both are very nice areas. I'm not much of a lunch person, but I will brainstorm my own little head and also see if I can get some recs in those areas.

        A FANTASTIC place and very good Berlin experience is Rogacki (albeit in Wilmersdorf) - it's a huge delikatessen with an outstanding selection of smoked fish, and very reasonable lunch prices. It's lively and has a bit of a cantina feel (ok, it is not at ALL like RP, but totally worth checking out), and I think a fuzzy 20 mo. old would not even be noticed.

        I'll get back to you soon (and keep checking my blog... I am more than due for a new post).