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Feb 23, 2011 06:31 PM


hi everyone! I just got engaged this week (bH!). I am looking for some help finding a hall. I am on a bit of a budget, and am looking to get married in Brooklyn. I have been to many family weddings at Eden Palace. Does anyone have information on the most affordable halls because i have heard that eden palace has gone up in price. I am more interested in a whole price for example ( 25000) rather than 150 a head. I know some places do that a friend was recently married at tiferes mordechai but i was not so impressed by the esthetics. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am looking for something in the range of 20000-28000. Just base price for hall and food, no flowers tax etc included. Thank you!

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  1. I have not gotten any replies back and my post seems to be the only one that does now say "new" right before the title. Will someone just reply if they are able to see this or not, so i know that i posted it correctly? thanks!

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      Congrats on your engagement habeybaby! Definitely able to see your post. I am thinking that you might also try posting your inquiry on the Kosher board. Best of luck to you & your intended!

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        the "new" next to the thread is a feature that allows users, if signed in, to keep track of when threads have been updated since you last checked on them. if, for example, i had never clicked through this thread the "new" marker would be there - it will no not show for me until someone else adds a post to this thread.