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Feb 23, 2011 06:03 PM

Have you tried these Penzeys spice blends?

I recently received Penzeys Salad Elegant, Sicilian Salad Seasoning and Garden Salad Seasoning. I love their spices but have never tried their blends. Have any of you tried these and what do you like to use them for?

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  1. I have used their Greek and Turkish blends, and Barbecue of the Americas. Sorry, not the same ones you mentioned, but they do publish what is in those blends in their catalog. You can view it on line if you don't have a paper catalog. Based on what you read about the content, decide where you might want to use it and give it a try when you are not cooking for company.

    If anything, I find their blends a little mild. For example, their Greek and Turkish blends are a little light on the oregano, and I find myself adding more. Overall, good products if you don't want to stock individual spices that you don't use often.

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      I like the greek seasoning as a good all purpose seasoning. I haven't tried the salad blends you mention, but I'll look them up next time I am in the shop. Report on them, please.

    2. Two of my fave blends are the Tuscan Sunset, and Mural of Flavor. You can make dynamite carrots with Mural of Flavor.

      1. I like the turkish blend because I like all the spices in it. We also use their currys because we typically don't stock all the spices required to mix it our selves.

        1. I finally broke down and bout the Sunny Paris because it smelled so good. I took it home, followed the directions, even put a lot extra on. It smelled great, but had no taste. I actually ended up returning.

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            Funny, Sunny Paris is my new favorite from Penzeys. I find myself sprinkling it on everything.

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              I need to try that one. I am lucky enough to live 15 minutes away from a Penzey's store.

          2. Go to their website & look up each of those blends. They give you some good suggestions.


            Ifg you do a search, as I did for the Sicilian Salad Seasonong, the results will show not only the product, but also any recipes that feature that item. You should get on their mailing list. The catalog is wonderful, and usually filled with all kinds of recipe ideas. The lastest one features some wonderful cakes.

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              Their Taco Seasoning blend is a really great starting point for all kinds of food. It's definitely not Mexican, but it lays down a nice background of warm spices that you can build on, which makes it good for Turkish, Moroccan, or any country that's hot and has a seashore.

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                My personal fave, BTW, is Pasta Sprinkle. I buy it by the bagfulls, and then transfer it to a glass jar. It put it in all kinds of things, especially anything Italian. It's great just with butter & EVOO on pasta.