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Feb 23, 2011 05:47 PM

Myong restaurant in Mount Kisco, NY

Myong just opened a full service restaurant in addition to her takeout breakfast and lunch fare. Everything is lovely. The decor and the interesting.menu draw you into a relaxed dining frame of mind. Started with tuna tartar and lamb sliders. Both were perfectly prepared and server with unusual accompaniments. We ordered a salad but they forgot to serve it. Main courses of midi cod with coconut rice and short ribs with goat cheese polenta were outstanding. One dessert was a real standout. Banana spring roll with chocolate sauce and brown sugar bourbon ice cream. Amazing. My gluten free rice cake dessert with fruit was disappointing in comparison. Extensive wines by the glass list. We plan to go back again later this week to try some of the other interesting menu offerings. Service was earnest but they are working out the kinks. They should do very well.

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  1. That makes about six Pan-Asian-Fusion restaurants in Mt Kisco!

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      I don't think of it as a "Pan-Asian-Fusion" restaurant, although there are some asian influences to the menu - braised short ribs over goat cheese polenta is not exactly an Asian dish! And the bana "spring roll" was more akin to bananas Foster than to anything else. Pear and endive salad, arugula and walnut salad, etc. Myong is Korean, I think, so her tendency is towards asian seasonings, but I would not compare this in any way to, say, Spoon in Chappaqua, or Neo in Mount Kisco. More comparable to Kittle House or Lexington Square Cafe.

      Lexington Square Cafe
      510 Lexington Avenue, Mount Kisco, NY 10549

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        From the menu:

        Asian Chicken Soup, Asian Cole Slaw, Cold Sesame Noodles, Korean Grilled Dark Chicken, Vietnam Cellophane Shrimp, Bok Choy Salad....

        Lexington Square??? Kittle House??????

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          I did not see any of those on the dinner menu although I have had several of those items from her deli case at lunch (Asian cole slaw is particularly nice) And yes, Lex and Kittle - mid to high end, good food, moderate to high prices, comfortable ambiance.

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            Is the name of this restaurant Myong, or is that just the name of the woman who owns it? Where is it?

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              Both - her name and her restaurant - it is located in the space formerly held by "Q", across the street from TJMaxx on Main Street in Mount Kisco.

    2. I'll be curious to try the new Myong, but I'm curious as to the price point. To the original poster, or anyone else who has been, what are dinner prices like?

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        Not cheap - Appetizers and salads from $8 to $14, entrees in the 20's, desserts, 8 - wine by the glass from 7 to 12. Our dinner (2 appetizers, 2 entrees, 2 desserts, and 4 glasses of wine (oops!) came to $145 - overindulged because we wanted to try a lot of different things.

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            Not personally, only through her shop when it was located in the CVS shopping center.

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              You certainly are a fan though!! I never did try her when she was in that location. I'll have to try this one.

      2. Went on saturday night. 2 hour wait for our meals to arrive, along with everyone else in the restaurant. The wait staff though was happy to have us keep drinking while we waited (on our tab), and when we asked about our food, they just kept saying the food would be out shortly. 2 hours later when it arrived, some of our tables entres were cold (mine was one of them) i ordered the ny strip, medium rare, when it arrived it was cold and cooked well done. i also had an appetizer of asian black bean noodles that was not good, smelt like old foot and tasted rotten. The rest of my party had mixed reviews, some liked their dish, some didn't. Then, the hostess came over and offered to comp us 2 deserts for the wait (we had 3 couplest the table), which made us laugh. we told her to pack some cookies in a bag and we'll take it to go.

        So i think they have some kinks to work out. I thought the menu was pricier than expected. Will give it another shot later on. hope others have better results

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          2 hour wait for the food?? That's one heck of a "kink". I would have gotten up and left...

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            You must have gone the first night that they opened. Four of us had a great meal there last night. Service was fine. Food delicious. And I must say "tasted like old foot", really, are you 12? Went a little too far there.

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              I hate to say it but overuse of cumin can taste just as described!

          2. Have been a fan of Myong's food for years and was excited to see that she opened up a full-service restaurant. My husband and I went last night and we are still thinking about and talking about the exquisite meal..We shared the scallop appetizer, the steak carpaccio appetizer, and the Asian black bean noodles and the deconstructed lobster mac and cheese. OMG! Unbelievable food....Everything we ate was memorable. We can not wait to go back to try everything. We had the sweetest most accomodating waitress, Kristen.whose sweet nature and close attention made the meal even more memorable. When word gets out how great this is..we hope we can still get a table!

            1. Weekend 2 at Myong was far less crowded, and many of the opening day kinks had been worked out. The space was modern, sleek and elegant, with a certain Zen appeal. Service was extremely attentive and warm, and the meal was well paced. The food was innovative, artfully prepared, and filled with so many interesting tastes and surprises. Although seemingly pricey, the diner can put together several small plates and salads, if on a budget. Cannot wait to return to work my way through the rest of the menu.

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                Unimpressive meal followed by a bitter espresso , and a huge check.
                The atmosphere is basically the old Rainbow Wok with an enormous deli counter in the dinning area, and a splash of red neon. They seem to be trying to do all things, but totally overlooking what is most important; a good product, and experience. I wouldn't give it a second try.