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Feb 23, 2011 05:46 PM

All the Best - Re-Opened

All the Best re-opened today.
The store is gorgeous and I wish them all the very best. (no pun intended)

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  1. Totally agree on the decor - and I'm generally not a fan of All the Best. But I wandered into the store yesterday by accident, not realizing that it was opening day, and it is drop-dead gorgeous. Easily one of the most beautiful retail stores in the city, food or otherwise. It's maybe 4 times the size of the original store with gorgeous wood shelving lining both sides. There's a large marble-topped island in the middle which houses the expanded range of prepared foods, including fresh grilled panini sandwiches, a daily sandwich, etc. In the back, there is a recessed alcove for the cheeses. I didn't spend too long in there but the extra space obviously means they've ramped up their product lines - noted Xococava's chocolates and sponge toffee plus bags of the coloured candy chocolates they use in their "Little Chipper" cookies. Prices, I'm sure, are still WAY high but the store is total eye candy and destination-worthy, even if only for a walkabout.

    1. I am wondering if this is the same "All the Best" that had a place in Leaside with a small store and catering? If so it was in the same unti as my office and LOVED going there for lunch. It wasn't cheap but it was good, and a nice change from the cardboard pizza my coworkers thought was good. About all I miss of working in Toronto is the food.