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Feb 23, 2011 05:35 PM

JAROblue Calgary Recommendations

Going tomorrow night with my wife for her birthday. She loves small plates. Looking for recommendations on the menu, must have's, and what to stay away from, if anything. All suggestions greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. I forget everything we had there. But I do remember enjoying, the duck confit/risotto croquettes, and wishing there were more!

    1. I had a very disappointing experience when I went there but I'd be curious to know if you enjoyed it? I like the concept and if they improved on some things I'd be willing to try it again.

      1. We went February 24th and loved everything. It was as good as we remembered. I don't know why the place isn't more popular. We had the duck croquettes, they came with a kind of fruit salsa and were fantastic, as was the beef tender, which was beef tenderloin over potato croquettes. We also shared the pear salad and tenderloin ravioli which was great as well. Dessert was creme brulee with home made cookies, again, very very good. No complaints. Great service, very knowledgeable about their wines, the food is fantastic, we are planning on going back more often.