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Feb 23, 2011 03:32 PM

Figueroa Produce Vegetable of the Week Tuesday Food Truck Event

I am indifferent about food trucks generally, being old and cranky I like to sit at a real table and have someone put food on it when I go out but my kid dragged me to the Figueroa Produce Tuesday extravaganza and we had a blast. They have different trucks and a different vegetable theme each week and last night there was a good crowd but no ridiculously long lines, even at the Grill 'em All truck.. This week's theme was leeks and we got leek topped french fries from the Frysmith which were oddly topped with a dollop of mashed sweet potatoes, a delicious leek and brussels sprout curry from Frankie and my favorite dish, leek and shitake sliders served on a bed of truffle popcorn from Vizzi. The vibe was great and there were lots of people giving samples and a guy playing guitar inside the market. They were also issuing 10% off Fig Produce coupons which bummed me out a bit, having already shopped there on Saturday. There is no place to sit down to eat but we're close enough to get everything home piping hot. Very civilized and I think the vegetable of the week theme is terrific.

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  1. We are HUGE fans of Fig Produce and love this truck event. We went on Fennel day and were impressed that the trucks were really seeing it as a challenge! As you noted, the vibe is also great inside and outside the market (Most folks were really friendly in asking for advice) and everyone in the trucks seemed relaxed and very reponsive to answer questions...

    I hope things continue to go well for both the market and the event! Since the Yamashiro Farmer's market has yet to open again, I think this one of the funnest things going on weekly in LA! :)


    1999 N Sycamore Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90068

    1. Note to Fig Produce fans, they told me a couple of weeks ago they will soon be opening a second location on Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock in the strip mall just west of the Tommy's burger. Produce only, no meat.

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        Organic Local produce! Can't Wait! :)


      2. Speaking of Figueroa Produce, does anyone know if the eggs they sell are from pastured chickens and not fed soy?

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          Not sure! Give them a call and they can tell you their brand of eggs. I know they are local, vegetarian and free range...