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Feb 23, 2011 02:42 PM


My earlier post "Restaurants in Ravello" was really supposed to be Restaurants in Taomina. I've been doing this research too long! Sorry

Ann from NYC

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  1. was wondering - none of those names sounded right for Ravello.
    I dont think that hotel concierges and such are generally very good sources for restaurant info, and a place like Taormina is a tough nut to crack

    I recommend doing a search to see what the chowhounds like - there have been a few
    here was one recent post that may be helpful

    The current Gambero Rosso recommends La Capinera (82) Casa Grugno (86) (also Michelin*), Al Duomo - a trattoria two shrimp (a very good recommendation) and Nero d'Avola (74) Fred Plotkin's book recommends Al Duomo, Ristorante al Feudo, and Villa Sant'Andrea in Mazzaro. Good Luck.

    1. Thanks so much Jen, Unfortunately Sant'Andrea, my first choice after reading Plotkin's book, won't be open till after i'm there. Some of my 1st choices all over Sicily are striking out due to restaurants not being open on the days I'm there. But I am having lot's of fun planning this and am really glad to have found chowhound.