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Feb 23, 2011 02:38 PM

San Antonio- Lunch, TexMex, and Late Night Dining

My husband and I will be in San Antonio this weekend, staying on the Riverwalk. We've got work events both nights, but I'm hoping to pack plenty of delicious food in at lunch on Saturday and Sunday (with at least one Tex Mex stop) and after our events.

I'm hoping to get recommendations for (1) a lunch in walking/biking distance of the Riverwalk (no limitations, just nothing too fancy), (2) a TexMex place that is an easy/short car ride (or bike/walk, of course) from the Riverwalk (I'd love a place with fresh corn tortillas), and (3) a place in walking distance of the Riverwalk that is open late (after 10- fancy or casual is fine). Of course, we want great food, but we would also love places in attractive/interesting/historical/unique/romantic settings. Also, we live in New Orleans, so probably aren't interested in Luke (love Besh, but get plenty of him here!).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. A lunch, biking distance (at your own risk, this town isn't friendly to bikes). The Monterrey. This style of food is hardly unique to San Antonio (though they do keep some local flavors, like hints of barbacoa in the beef cheeks) but its worthwhile simply because it is good. Plus, its in a great space. The King WIlliam area would make for a nice stroll.

    El Milagrito and Taco Taco both put out solid corn tortillas, with Taco Taco's leaning towards more density and sweet corn flavor and El Milagrito's more fluffy. There are lots of good taquerias to get solid corn tortillas at. Do not expect to get a good one at a nice looking restaurant unless you've been told specifically that they're good.

    Mi Tierra - Not an amazing restaurant, but worthwhile because its close to the riverwalk, is fun, and the pastries are very good due to the high rate of turnover. Also, the food is not at all bad, if even good, perhaps. Plus, its 24 hours.

    La Gloria - never been, heard great things.

    Taco Taco Cafe
    145 E Hildebrand Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212

    La Gloria
    1001 37th St, Snyder, TX 79549

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      Thanks for the recs. We ended up getting stuck with work events and just got room service our one free meal! We did strollt o the King WIlliam area, and had a nice time. It looks like we'll be back, so we'll be sure to check out these spots on our next visit.

    2. I moved here from New Orleans and think you would like - Citrus/Boudro's/La Frite/Le Midi/Ostra/Las Canarias.
      Also, hit the Menger Bar, it's very atmospheric.