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Feb 23, 2011 02:12 PM

Accidentally bought juice oranges - what else can I do with them?

you know, other than juicing.

Any tips appreciated - they've been sitting here for like a week just staring at me.

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  1. Other than juicing.....Peel em & eat em....


      1. I eat them they taste really good and juicy. Also, ambrosia, if you like to can you can make marmalade. You can juice them and freeze the juice and zest them and freeze the zest. I have a tangerine tree and a girl can only eat so many tangerines so that's what I do and I sub the tangerine stuff whenever I want citrus in any recipe, except of course key lime pie. Makes a fab chicken or pork marinade like mojo for grilling.

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          1. re: Uncle Bob

            Tangerine juice makes amazing screwdrivers.

        1. Do you mean Valencias? If so don't peel them. Slice them up into 6 or eight pieces from top to bottom (like cutting into quarters only smaller). Bite the orange flesh from the rind. You (or your friends) will see why we've called these orange smiles for years in my family. Just delicious, and great for lunchbox lunches.

          1. Make salad dressing - vinaigrette but use OJ instead of vinegar. I like the pairing of orange and tarragon quite a bit, but there's lots of room for experimentation.